Why should you choose wet hire over dry hire venue spaces?

A wet hire venue

Choosing a venue space for your event can be a difficult task – there are so many options out there that it can be hard to decide which one would work for you. If you need some help narrowing down your options, one way to consider venues is through whether they are wet hire or dry hire spaces.

Difference between dry hire and wet hire

‘Dry hire’ is the phrase used to describe a venue that only provides the use of the space that they have, such as a hall or room, whereas ‘wet hire’ allows you to not only use the venue space but also their caterers, drinks, event designers and audio-visual services.

While this could seem like an easy decision to choose between to begin with, we’d like to explain the benefits and drawbacks of each venue type so that you can see why a wet hire venue may be better for your event than a dry hire venue.

Drinks at a wedding reception venue

Advantages of wet hire venue spaces

As we’ve just mentioned, when you hire a wet hire venue space, you don’t just get the use of the room or hall you’re hiring, but also a host of other services. You can benefit from the venue’s catering services, their event design team and any audio-visual services that they provide.

The benefit to this, especially with catering, is that using the venue’s regular suppliers can assist with the running of your event. These suppliers will be familiar with the layout and access restrictions of the venue, so the event will be able to run more smoothly, and they will be more prepared to deal with any issues that come up.

Disadvantages of wet hire venue spaces

However, there are moments where using a wet hire venue could also be looked at as a potential restriction, depending on how you wish to run your event. While you do get the use of the venue’s caterers and other service providers, it means that you can’t use your own. So, unfortunately, if you had one specific service that you wanted to use, such as a specific event designer, you may not be able to with a wet hire venue. What you should remember though, is that because the services that the venue provides know the venue better, they may be able to better realise the vision you have for your event than services that you brought in.

The final point regarding wet hire venue spaces can be considered both a positive or negative, depending on your budget. The cost to hire the venue and its services may be more expensive than the cost of hiring a dry hire venue space but will most likely cost less overall since you don’t have to hire any additional services beyond what is already provided.

Catering at a wet hire event venue

Advantages of dry hire venue spaces

In comparison to wet hire, hiring a dry hire venue space will only allow you the use of the space itself without any services. Everything else you need for your event you would have to provide yourself. This can seem a disadvantage but not having provided services means that you can be flexible about what providers and businesses you’d like to use in conjunction with your event, and you have control over how they are organised.

Disadvantages of dry hire venue spaces

However, while you will have a greater choice of suppliers with a dry hire venue, these suppliers will often have a lot less experience working at your chosen venue since they don’t work there all the time. This can mean that a lot more responsibility falls on your shoulders to make sure everything runs smoothly, and any issues may take longer to sort out.

In terms of cost, hiring the venue itself will most often be cheaper than a wet hire alternative, however the cost overall will be higher since you will have to pay for all the suppliers yourself.

Water bottle suitable for a dry hire event

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What is wet venue hire?

Wet hire is where you hire the space as well as the services, for example; the caterers, drinks, event designers and audio-visual services.

What is dry venue hire?

Dry hire is where you hire the space on its own and provide the services for your event yourself or hire a third party.

Why wet hire is better than dry hire

Hosting an event can be stressful – wet hiring gives you peace of mind knowing that everything is being taken care of. Wet hire also often turns out to be cheaper than dry hire, so it saves you time and money.

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Why choose us to host your wet hire event?

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Final thoughts

Now that you have all the details about both dry and wet hire venues, we’d like to share why we think a wet hire venue would be the better choice for your event. While there’s typically no one right answer to the question of venue suitability – in every instance, the one that is best is the one that suits your event and requirements most effectively.

However, if you’re looking for a venue that can provide everything for your event, or just make sure that everything is taken care of and controlled without you needing to take on a lot of responsibility, it may be more prudent to choose a wet hire venue. Wet hire venues will often, as we mentioned before, come out cheaper than dry hire venues so it could be a better choice for a more budget conscious event. There are a number of different styles and options for wet hire event venues meaning that you could find one that suits your event perfectly, without breaking the bank, or without compromising on what’s important to the space that you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a wet hire venue in London, look no further than The Brewery. With a skilled event design team, world-renowned chefs, and state-of-the-art audio-visual services, The Brewery can help make sure every aspect of your event is perfect and runs smoothly. Find out more our event hire services or contact us to start talking about your event.


This article was updated on 21st December 2021