The best conference giveaways

If you’ve ever been to a conference, you’ll probably be familiar with the industry staple swag bag, filled with free stuff that’s often branded or themed. If done right, a free goody bag can make a strong first impression on attendees, however, if the bag is filled with useless items, the money you’ve invested into them may end up straight in the bin.

To help you give conference gifts that your attendees will find memorable, useful and fun, we’ve put together our top swag bag ideas to give you some inspiration.

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Conference swag bag ideas

Branded stationery

From pens and notepads to leather diaries and sticky notes, stationery is easy to add your branding to and always comes in handy. If you give away 500 branded notebooks, that’s 500 advertisements of your business out there for people to see which will raise brand awareness.

Food and beverages

Snack food and beverages are great for giving your attendees an energy boost in-between mealtimes. Most people will appreciate something small to enjoy when they’re on the move and attending a busy conference. If you can offer amazing conference food your guests will rave about it.

Water bottles

The days of picking up a single-use plastic water bottle are behind us; everyone wants to help do their bit for the environment by owning reusable bottles they can use time and time again. This is another item that can increase your brand visibility while helping in the fight against plastic.

Gift cards

If you have an e-commerce or retail business, offering a gift card in your goody bags will allow your attendees to choose what they want. You may feel like this idea lacks thought or creativity, but one item will never please everyone. A gift card takes out the guesswork puts the power in your attendees’ hands.

Eco-friendly gifts

Sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now. From branded packets of seeds to grow-your-own kits for vegetables and plants, an eco-friendly gift is a unique way to encourage your attendees to think about the environment and take home a memento that keeps on giving.  You can also focus on sustainability by swapping out plastic bags for canvas totes.

Drinks being offered at a conference


Whether you opt for compact wireless headphones or a portable speaker, your attendees will appreciate the free tech or – or at least know someone who will. Depending on your budget and conference, you could even put your branding on them for some free exposure.

Scratch cards

Giving your attendees a branded scratch card within their swag bag which offers a range of special prizes will build up anticipation and excitement at your event without having to pay for each attendee to receive a premium gift.

Virtual gifts

Virtual gifts are still a fairly new concept for conferences but can be a great way of giving something back to your attendees while saving them from carrying a goody bag around all day. From eBooks, gift codes and exclusive access to an app or website, virtual gifts are a great opportunity to promote both your brand and any sponsors you may have.

USB sticks

USB sticks are widely used and great for increasing brand awareness, whether you print your logo on it or pre-load the stick with digital brochures about the conference and exhibitors for your attendees to review in their own time.

Branded clothing

A great way to spread your brand name is by providing your attendees with some free clothing. From t-shirts and hoodies to caps and tote bags, you’ve got yourself a walking advertisement.  

Everyday toiletries

Everyday toiletries are especially good if you know you have attendees travelling to your conference. Anything from lip balm and hand sanitiser to shampoo and conditioner can be great for a swag bag.

Phone chargers/power banks

Everyone appreciates an extra phone charger. You’ll always find someone searching for a plug socket to top up their phone at a conference. A pre-charged portable charger will be gold dust for your attendees.

Mouse mat

An oldie but goodie. The mouse mat still makes an excellent conference gift. It’s useful, practical, lightweight and can carry your event branding.

Something relevant to the conference

It’s always a good idea to put something industry-specific into the goody bag. For example, if your conference is about a food product, you’ll want to include that product in the goody bag.

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