How to make your next digital event a rip-roaring success

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As we have all witnessed in recent months, the events world has a completely different landscape to what it did pre-lockdown. Like every other industry, the events and hospitality sector has been forced to adapt and be agile in this ever-changing climate.

But as many turn their attention to digital events during the pandemic, how can businesses continue to showcase their products, host launches and capture their audiences in the way they could through a physical event?

If you’re puzzled by presentation software or tearing your hair out over virtual streaming technology, here we explore the very best virtual streaming tools to maximise audience participation and make your next digital event a rip-roaring success.


Digital events uncovered

Digital events come in various forms, including virtual and hybrid events.

Virtual events

This type of event includes an audience interacting in a fully virtual environment, often through a video conferencing tool, live stream or virtual event platform.

Hybrid events

This type of event takes place in a physical venue, while simultaneously being attended by a live and interactive online audience. While there is a mix of audience participation with this event type, a significant percentage of the audience participates virtually.

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The best tools for the job

Depending on the unique needs of the event, there are several tools which, when combined, make for the perfect digital experience.

A virtual event platform

A virtual event platform is your new virtual venue. It will be where your online event attendees will engage with your content, sponsors and each other.

Networking tools

A virtual networking tool ensures valuable connections are made between your virtual audience members. It creates an opportunity for attendees to network, discuss and connect during your event.

Live streaming tools

The content you present during your virtual event is vital, as is the method in which you choose to present it. Selecting the right live streaming tools to present your event content increases the chances of audience engagement and them tuning in again to other events.

Participant engagement tools

Virtual events are a vital opportunity to showcase your products, business and skills, but capturing an audience and engaging with them in the virtual space can be tricky. Whether its polls, sharing presentation slides straight to devices or surveys, selecting the right participant engagement event tools can make or break your digital event.

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Measuring how much your audience were engaged during your event through effective analytics and data will enable you to tailor future events and improve the all-round experience for delegates.

Tools such as Glisser and Grip are virtual event platforms which offer this exact insight to analyse audience responses and improve audience interaction.

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