Newly engaged? Here’s your wedding planning guide

The end of successful wedding planning

You’re getting married! You or your partner has popped the question and now you’re on your way to walking down the aisle towards your happily ever after.

Before you continue reading though, make sure you read our blog that tells you the five things you need to do as soon as you get engaged – it’s a great place to start and a good way to check if you’ve missed anything out. For example, not all future brides remember to insure their engagement rings!

So, once you’ve started off the process, it’s time to look into the main aspects of your wedding; these are the things that will need to be sorted out much further in advance than other parts. Read on to find out what you should include in your plan of action.

Decide on your budget

When you first get engaged, you may have some discussions with your fiancé about the budget you think you’d be able to work with, including any savings and contributions on either side.

After some time to relax and enjoy being engaged, it’s a good idea to fully confirm how much of a budget you have available for your future wedding, since this will inform what venues you can consider and allow you to prioritise any specific things that you’d definitely like to include in your wedding – such as a certain band, a special venue, or a custom cake.

There are many ways to create a magical wedding day without breaking the bank, so don’t worry if you don’t have a huge budget. Knowing what you have available will help you create a day that is special and unique to you and your partner, including all the aspects you really want.

Decide on a date

This step may cause you to panic – how on earth will I know what date yet? How do I decide? – but you don’t actually need to be that specific yet. When well-meaning friends and family ask you when the date is, all they’re looking for is an indication of when they need to be available so that they can attend your special day.

Most weddings happen around a year to a year and a half after the couple became engaged. If you became engaged on Valentine’s Day, for example, the most common time of year for you to get married would probably be either the Spring or Summer in the following year, but of course, your timeline is completely up to you.

Whenever you come to think about setting a date, remember there’s no need to specify a day or even a month. Simply saying the season and the year e.g. Summer 2020, will give people enough of an idea at the early stages.

Make a start on your guest list

You won’t need to finalise your guest list at this early stage, but it’s a good idea to get started so that you have an idea of how many people you’d like to attend your wedding. This number will not only influence what venue you choose, but also other decisions, such as what kind of catering you decide on, what style of reception you choose, and your budget for the venue itself.

Choose your venue

The date for your wedding will become a lot more specific and set in stone once you’ve organised your venue.

When looking around venues, you’ll need to consider the capacity of the space – both for a wedding venue and reception perspective – whether the venue is registered to hold ceremonies, what features they offer, whether they cater for events onsite, and whether it fits into your budget. You’ll also want to consider your wedding vision – what do you want the venue to look like? What decorations would you like? How do you want to style your day?

If you’d like to get married in the heart of the city at a wedding venue that not only offers first-class cuisine and a skilled wedding planner, but also the ability to design your event space and adapt to your guest list, look no further than The Brewery. We offer six different venue spaces of varying sizes and our specialised wedding website, The Proposal, will be able to give you an indication of exactly what you can expect if you hold your wedding with us.

Start looking for the dress

Depending on what kind of dress you’re looking for or where you’re going to go looking for it, it’s key to note that wedding dresses can take up to nine months to be produced and finalised. For that reason, we suggest starting your search as early as possible, so that you reduce any stress and can be confident that your dress will be ready for your big day.

You can start this process knowing nothing about what you’d like but, if you start early enough, it can give you the time to visit a few different bridal stores to try on a number of styles and figure out exactly what you’d like. Make sure to keep in mind both your venue and the time of year you’re getting married when you choose your dress.

We hope this has given you the starting blocks to get you on your way to planning your magical big day. If you would like to get married at The Brewery – a venue full of character and easily adaptable with six unique spaces – we have an in-house wedding planner to guide you through your special day. Simply get in touch with us today and we can help you on your engagement journey.