How to ‘wow’ your guests with food at your event

An example of incredible guest food

Here at The Brewery, we’ve mentioned time and time again the importance of good food at an event. Most meetings and events include food, and in some cases, the whole event revolves around a meal, so why shouldn’t it be one of the core factors when planning your event?

To put it simply, putting thought and consideration into your event goes a long way. Great food can not only be a great talking point, but it can also be the reason your event is remembered. Better still, provide an unforgettable menu and you have yourself an event that will stick in your guest’s minds for all the right reasons. Get your food right, and your delegates will feel valued, get it wrong, and you may even disengage your guests.

Here’s how to ‘wow’ your guests with the menu at your next event!

Consider the style of event

The very first thing you need to think about when it comes to creating your event menu is what style of event you’re planning to have. Would you like to create a relaxed atmosphere in which your guests wander around the venue, and eat when they wish? Or are you holding a more formal event with a sit-down meal? Once these decisions have been made, the planning process will become a lot more straight forward, and the many options less daunting.

Your agenda and the scheduling of the event is really important when considering the food you serve too – for example, if your event starts early in the evening and your guests may be coming straight from the office, they’re likely to be hungry and hoping for appetizers when they arrive! Keep your guests at the forefront of your mind when planning your menu, and you’re sure to impress.

Impressively presented food

Cater for everyone

Today, there are more dietary concerns than ever before, and it’s highly likely that you’ll come across some of them at your event, whether that be vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free or kosher. Before the event, perhaps as part of the signing up process, make sure you ask your delegates whether they have any dietary requirements so that you can put just as much time and thought into creating these dishes than the rest of the menu to ensure your guests feel considered.

A specially tailored menu item

Think outside the box

Choosing your menu is a great opportunity to reflect your company through the food you serve. Show your attendees that you’re inspirational and creative by thinking outside the box rather than offering up a repetitive menu that they’ve eaten time and time again at events beforehand.

Creating a bespoke menu is not only a great way to tailor the food specifically to the event itself, but also to add something a little special to reflect the uniqueness of your company. Offering delicious and interesting food options is an excellent way of ensuring that you don’t just create an event, but an ‘event experience’ for your guests.

Here at The Brewery, we recognise that food is one of the most important aspects of your event, and pay particular attention to providing outstanding cuisine. Our award-winning chefs can design bespoke menus to suit the preferences of both your company and the event you have in mind, and make sure we treat every event in its own merits, despite hosting over 450 events a year!

Want to find out more about how The Brewery can detach the stigma that comes with the phrase ‘banqueting food’? Take a read of our food and drink brochure, or get in touch today.