Make an impact at your event with AR


Augmented Reality, or AR as it is commonly known, is changing the way people see events- quite literally. Offering a new world of opportunities for brands and exhibitors, by adding computer-generated elements such as video, graphics and sound to a person’s view of reality, AR enables event organisers to create a completely immersive environment for their attendees. Customisable, suitable for most businesses, and a sure-fire way to enrich the attendees’ event experience, AR is a tool which has the potential to make your event a big hit.

Better still, the latest innovations in mobile technology mean that more people have access to AR apps on their handsets, and there’s no need for headsets or trailing cables that we associate with similar tech, such as VR.

AR may be trending in the events industry, but how can it be utilised by event organisers to enhance the experience for their attendees? Here are just a few examples.

Take your attendees on a journey

By using AR, you can transport your attendees wherever you wish, without leaving the event venue! This is particularly useful when promoting a location, as seen in an instalment for Cambridge University which allowed visitors to the photo booth to ‘appear’ on campus, and even enabled them to walk around the venue.

Give attendees more information

Events and stands can get busy, so how can you give your attendees the opportunity to find out as much information as possible, without the need to speak to a representative? Certain AR apps can identify objects or sources at the event, and consequently unlock more relevant information online. This results in the attendees having a wealth of information at their fingertips that they may never have had the chance to see using their eyes only.

Encourage your attendees to visualize

AR is perfect for enabling your attendees to visualize something that isn’t physically there. Ideal for those exhibiting products that would otherwise be impossible to show or transport, brands can augment their products without the handling costs and transportation that would otherwise be involved!

Transform sponsorship opportunities

Anything is possible in an augmented world, which is incredible when it comes to sponsorship opportunities. Want a larger-than-life banner scaling across high, impossible to reach ceilings? This may not be possible, or practical, in reality but, with the use of AR, (almost) anything is possible!

Market your event with AR

Through the use of AR technology, you can market your event before, during, and after the event. Custom Snapchat geo-filters are ideal for promoting your event, appearing on your attendee’s social media accounts for 24 hours to promote your event in a really fun and interactive way.

Navigate attendees around your event

No matter how good a map is, sometimes navigating your way around a busy event can be challenging, and if a last-minute change means a stand has to move, what use is a map anyway? Indoor GPS technology for large events is just around the corner, meaning AR technology can be utilised to navigate your attendees around an exhibition, complete with virtual signage!

The Brewery is ideal for tech-based events where large numbers of delegates need to connect via handheld devices, and we’re proud to offer unrestricted bandwidth throughout the venue, making it the perfect space for any interactive technology or product demonstrations. So much is possible with AR technology, and The Brewery is the perfect event venue to execute your vision.

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