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How to organise a vegan-friendly event

Veganism is all about not using or consuming any animal products. Accommodating vegan attendees isn’t as hard a task as you may think and it’s more than worth the effort to make sure everyone feels included and looked after.

Read on to find out about the four key areas you need to be aware of when organising an event, and how you can adapt them for vegans.


This is the most obvious category to start with since it’s the one where most changes may need to be made. As we mentioned above, vegans don’t eat or use any animal products, so there are a number of items that you’ll need to remove from your menu before you plan it; namely meat and dairy products, like milk and eggs.

However, while there are many obvious foods to leave off the menu, there are also some that could be overlooked if you’re not aware of them. Many vegans don’t eat honey, since it’s produced by bees, and some vegans don’t eat figs due to the way they are pollinated by female wasps. For a full list of food that vegans can’t eat, click here.

Planning a menu for a vegan-friendly event doesn’t have to be limited though. There are still many great vegan foods that can make some wonderful dishes. At The Brewery, our fantastic, renowned chefs are able to create wonderful bespoke menus that cater to the individual needs of your event. So, if you’re thinking of holding your event at our venue, you’re in good hands.


As surprising as it may seem, some alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are actually non-vegan. Top of this list is beer, since it’s filtered through isinglass (which is made from tropical fish bladders) as a fining agent. Some beers can also contain gelatin, glycerin, and casein.

The way to avoid serving your vegan guests non-vegan beers is to source them from certain brewers. Many German and Belgian beers are made through traditional methods of brewing, which are vegan, and the German purity law makes sure that only water, grain, hops and yeast, can be used in the production of beer. There are also some great brewers, both international and local, who produce vegan beer – Guinness’s draft stout is now vegan-friendly, as are beers from Carlsburg, Stella Artois, and Heineken.

Additionally, wine can often not be vegan-friendly since it’s filtered through a number of agents that can be made from blood and marrow, milk protein, and crustacean shell fibres and gelatin. However, there are some great vegan wines available from many big supermarkets, including Co-Op and Waitrose.


This may be a less well-known stumbling block for a vegan event since many people forget the second part of the vegan lifestyle – vegans don’t just avoid eating animal products, but also avoid using anything made from animals.

For that reason, if you’re decorating your venue, make sure to avoid materials such as leather, silk, and wool for a start. You will also want to pay attention to the flowers you’re using – make sure they’re Fairtrade or use potted plants as your centrepieces. If you’re buying artificial flowers, ensure that you avoid buying any that contain silk.

If you’re giving your guests favours of any kind, you’ll need to make sure they’re vegan too. Options can include soy candles, certain soaps or bath bombs, cake jars with vegan ingredients, or specific sweets that are vegan-friendly. Homemade favours are often the easiest to make vegan-friendly since you can control exactly what goes into them; you could get creative with seeds or plants, tea, vegan treats, or even vegan chocolate.


If you’re looking for a venue to host your vegan-friendly event, why not take a look at The Brewery. Our specialist event design team will be able to ensure that all our décor is suitable for vegan attendees, and our chefs will be happy to create a menu that’s not only delicious but also animal free. Click here to make an enquiry and we look forward to helping you with your event!

How to host a summer party in London

Summer parties are a great way to kick back, relax and enjoy the sunny weather in the company of good friends, family or colleagues. While the summer never sticks around for long in the UK, we want to help you make the best of it by giving you some tips for creating and hosting the perfect summer party in the heart of London. You don’t need to get out of the city to escape the city this summer!

Read on to find out the best organisation and planning tips to help you create a truly special summer party that you’ll be proud to host.

Pick a theme

Parties are a lot easier to plan when you’ve got a theme to stick to – think of national holidays like Christmas, Halloween or even Valentine’s Day – but a summer party can often get stuck without direction. To counteract this, and to help you create a more specific plan, choose a nice summery theme for your party.

You could decide on a beach or pool party and fill your chosen venue with palm trees and fairy lights. Get inspired by summer events like Wimbledon or festivals to get people involved with either sports or music. You could even do a fiesta theme and get the pinata and sombreros involved!

Once you’ve picked your theme it then makes it easier to decide on décor, food and drinks…

Decide on your drinks

The best part of a summer party is that cocktails can be top of the menu! They’re not only easily customisable but also fun and refreshing for all your guests on a hot day. You can have a lot of fun with your theme when it comes to cocktails because there are so many different ones available.

For example, if you’re following a fiesta party theme, as we mentioned before, tequila sunrises could be a real hit. Additionally, how about Pimms for your guests at a Wimbledon themed party?

Whatever you choose as your cocktails, make sure you pay attention to what they’re served in too – fun and creative glassware can often be just as eye-catching as the drinks themselves.

Create some tasty treats

Your guests won’t survive on cocktails and drinks alone, so it’s up to you to come up with a menu that will epitomise the summer party you’re hosting. Once again, your theme will be very handy for this, but you’ll first need to decide what kind of food you’re planning on offering.

Will you be providing a sit-down meal or is a buffet more your style? You probably won’t need to provide much in the way of hot food, since it’ll hopefully be warm, but maybe you’d like to have a BBQ?

Once you’ve made these decisions, you can then choose what you’d like to include. Maybe buffet items would work best for a fiesta-style party, such as spicy street food, or maybe a BBQ would fit the theme of a summer festival party.

If this sounds like too much work, why not call on the help of The Brewery’s fantastic team of chefs and hold your party at our venue? Our chefs will be able to provide a perfectly bespoke and personalised menu for your summer party, or you’ll be able to take advantage of the summer menu we’ve created for our own summer parties if you book a party with us.

Decorate your space

The best way to maximise your theme is by embracing décor for your party. You can do a lot with a few simple accessories, such as fairy lights and lanterns, or could go all-out with expansive palm trees or festival tents to really create an immersive atmosphere.

You can be as creative as you want and really embrace the theme you’ve chosen – why not take a look on Pinterest for some inspiration, or talk to a designated event design team, like the one we have at The Brewery.

Our specialised event design team can help create whatever style of décor you could wish for, and we’re also holding our own summer party for 2019 themed around an English garden that you could book instead!


If you are looking to attend one of our summer parties, you’ll be able to enjoy a summer city garden, with a delicious BBQ menu, cocktails on arrival, unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks, and a jaw dropping raised clear marquee. Book your package for the summer using our enquiry form.

Christmas Parties 2019 – The Goodnight Cabaret

We know that the 2018 Christmas party season has only just ended but we are already seeing huge demand from those looking to get ahead of the crowd and secure their date before it sells out. We were overwhelmed with the success and popularity of last years Christmas party theme, our tribute to 1960s Las Vegas, ‘The Golden Palms Lounge and Casino’ and want to extend our thanks to the 26,000 people who partied with us.

This year we wanted to go bigger and better than ever before and we are delighted to announce our 2019 Christmas party theme, ‘The Goodnight Cabaret’.

Performing to raucous crowds in crumbling vaudeville’s and forgotten music halls, people talked of outrageous performances, intoxicating music and hedonistic nights the likes of which the city had never seen. Many denied its existence, unable to find it for themselves and only able to rely on the words of those who had claimed to witness one of these spellbinding nights.

As London fell upon hard times, the cabaret disappeared. Some dismissed it as nothing more than an urban legend told as a whimsical reminder of better times, but there were others who knew they were not of this earth. They knew one day they would return, to bring happiness and joy to those with limitless imaginations prepared to believe in and embrace the astonishing sights that went before them.

This December, The Brewery will become the broken down forgotten theatre brought mysteriously back to life by the spirit of entertainment and the soul of music as the cabaret performs for one last time.

Our dedicated website will be coming soon but in the meantime to discover more about Christmas parties at The Brewery click here

Productivity hacks to transform your business meetings

Did you know that, in Britain, the average worker will sit through 6,239 meetings during their career? According to estimates, that can work out as an entire year of meetings! One in five workers have admitted to dozing off in meetings in the past, and over 60 percent say that meetings can often be considered ‘pretty pointless’.

If you’re often running or attending meetings in your day to day job, you’ll want to assure that those meetings are worth a year off yours and your colleagues’ lives – what’s the point of them otherwise?

Read on to find out some of the best productivity hacks you can use to transform your business meetings into worthwhile and efficient events.

Consider value and necessity

Will the meeting you’re organising offer value to the people attending, and is it necessary to have a meeting at all? These are the two most important questions to ask yourself when you start planning a meeting. Many meetings can often become much more productive by being held over a conference call, discussed in a simple conversation, or even just emailed out to colleagues or clients.

If the same outcome can be achieved without organising a meeting, you could save yourself and your attendees a lot of time; time that could be spent actually working on the actions that your meeting would have discussed.

Send over your agenda in advance

It may feel like discussing an agenda at the beginning of a meeting is a productive way to start – you’re able to talk about what you wish to achieve in the meeting and the points that will be the key topics of conversation.

However, this can often be more of a time-waster than a productive practice. Instead, why not send the agenda over 24 hours before a meeting – that way your attendees can read the agenda, understand what’s going to be discussed, and come prepared with questions and points to raise, instead of needing to do that within the meeting.

Additionally, make sure you include the most important points for the meeting first in the agenda, so that if you run out of time, you’ve discussed the points that contain the most value and the less urgent items can be picked up in emails or calls after the meeting.

Make your meeting time exact

We all know of, or have attended, meetings delayed by latecomers. One way to counteract the waiting around is to set the starting time of your meeting to a seemingly random time – instead of saying that your meeting will start at 10am, say that it will start at 10:04am – and make sure you start the meeting at exactly that time. Of course, make allowances for delays but update the start time with another random yet exact time.

This practice is said to increase punctuality in meeting attendees, meaning that there will be less time wasted at the beginning of a meeting waiting for people to arrive. In fact, using these random, exact times can actually increase the chance of everyone being on time because it’s more likely to stick in their mind.

Set a finish time for your meeting

We’ve all sat in those meetings that seem to go round and round in circles without an end in sight. Without a clear end time, meetings can go on for as long there is conversation and points to discuss. While it may seem good to allow the meeting to go on for as long as is needed, it can risk your discussions falling into repetition and wasted time.

Make sure that you set a finish time for your meetings when you’re setting up the invites to your attendees. When the meeting starts, address this finish time in your agenda and outline how you’re planning on covering the agenda within the timeframe to make sure everyone is aware and on the same page.

Taking meeting notes

Keep notes and send them out after the meeting

Keeping accurate notes of the meeting’s proceedings and circulating these after the meeting has concluded (aim for within 24 hours) is a great way to keep productivity high among attendees.  The notes will provide a written testament of what was discussed in the meeting, re-informing people about the responsibilities and deadlines agreed upon, and also reminding them of any points that were discussed that they may have missed or forgotten to note down.

This can also be reinforced by a debrief at the end of the meeting. You could simply use five minutes to address the responsibilities that are expected from the attendees and make sure that everyone is focused on the same goals, knows what needs to be done, and feels that the meeting has been a success.


If you’re looking for a venue for your next business meeting, right in the heart of London with excellent transport links, specialised equipment and facilities, and a historic background, look no further than The Brewery on Chiswell Street. We have a number of venue spaces, of various sizes, and can provide both catering and technology that will make your meeting both productive and enjoyable.

Simply enquire here for more information.

London 2019: unmissable events for your diary

With the nation gradually calming down following the hype of Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, many are taking to their list of resolutions and looking optimistically ahead to 2019.

Beat the January blues by forward planning and filling your diary with a host of exciting events in London throughout next year. From food and music festivals to sporting gatherings and art exhibitions, we’ve compiled a selection of must-experience events for 2019, all descending on the nation’s capital.

Ice skating at Somerset House

If you are looking to soak up your final slice of the festivities, there is still time to enjoy ice skating in central London’s iconic Somerset House.

The impressive Georgian building offers the perfect postcard-pretty backdrop to your skating experience. This venue offers the flexibility to take to the rink day or night. Visitors can skate up until January 13th and tickets start from £11.00.

With a host of skate extras including tempting hot beverages and Fortnum’s Christmas Arcade, don’t miss out on your final chance to soak up winter fun.

London Marathon 2019

The London Marathon is one of the most anticipated events in the sporting calendar, with last year’s event attracting more than 40,000 runners. April 21st will see a host of brave runners take to London’s streets in a bid to complete the gruelling 26-mile challenge, taking in iconic London landmarks and sights throughout the challenging route.

Starting at Blackheath, south of the River Thames, the route passes through Greenwich, crosses the river at Tower Bridge and continues throughout central London before runners pass the finish line outside Buckingham Palace.

Whether you are a sporting enthusiast or just keen to show your support from the side lines, why not take to the capital, cheer on the runners and take in some of London’s iconic sites. Attracting runners and supporters alike, this is an event not to be missed and is sure to deliver a buzz during the heart of spring.

London Short Film Festival

Established as one of the best UK and international film festivals, the London Short Film Festival is now in its 16th year and is taking place across various historical cinematic venues around London between 11-20 January 2019.

The festival attracts over 10,000 film enthusiasts and celebrates numerous genres of film and cutting-edge filmmaking from home and internationally. Showcased short films include documentaries and fiction films to experimental moving imagery and a celebration of surrealist film. The festival takes places across numerous venues including BFI Southbank and the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

A celebration of established filmmakers and a platform for emerging talent, London Short Film Festival offers a varied host of work set to impress filmmakers and film lovers alike.

Taste of London

The Taste of London festival is the ultimate must-visit summer event for foodies. Taking place in picturesque Regent’s Park, the festival is jam-packed with things to do including live demonstrations and entertainment to cocktail masterclasses and the chance to explore the Taste Theatre.

Visitors will be tempted by street food, experience a host of pop-up kitchens and have the chance to improve their culinary skills by taking part in cookery masterclasses. Food enthusiasts will be able to test their own skills and learn techniques from industry experts.

What better way to enjoy a summer’s day than by strolling through Regent’s Park and tempting your taste buds with a host of delicious food and drink? Tickets are on sale now and start from £13.

London food festival event stall

V&A: Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

Don’t miss out on the largest and most comprehensive exhibition ever staged in the UK. Set to be the most glamourous exhibition of the year, Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams showcases over 500 objects and 200 rare Haute Couture garments.

Running from 2nd February – 14th July 2019, the exhibition will display all things Dior including perfume, gowns, accessories and fashion photography. A range of Christian Dior’s personal possessions will also be showcased, with the exhibition spanning Dior’s life and work from 1947 to the present day.

This glamourous exhibition is not to be missed and even features a reimagined section from the V&A which explores Dior’s influence on designers in Britain. Tickets are on sale from £20 – £24.

Corporate events with the wow factor

London is set to play host to an eclectic mix of diverse events throughout 2019 to fill your diary and inspire you. Create your own memorable event in the nation’s capital by wowing your company with help from The Brewery.

Contact the Brewery to find out how we can accommodate your vision and assist you in delivering a corporate event with causes a stir amongst your colleagues.

Your company can enjoy state-of-the-art services including event design, cutting-edge audio-visual features combined with mouth-watering cuisine created by award-winning chefs, all nestled within a space oozing historical charm.

Our 6 event venue spaces deliver the true wow factor, combining heritage and functionality to make sure your event is both unconventional and eye-catching.

The 2019 event trends you need to know

2019 event trends

The event planning industry is consistently evolving. With the industry’s ever-changing face, this constant development brings with it a challenge for event planners to stay ahead of the game. Event planners are faced with a challenge; to deliver a unique, engaging and valuable experience whilst seeking an innovative way to connect to attendees within a digitally saturated world of business.

If you are an event planner looking ahead to next year’s diary, our must-know 2019 event trend tips will help. Delve into the future and deliver an immersive live event experience for your clients with these must-know 2019 event trends. Here are our tips.

Unconventional venues

Seeking out creative and unconventional venues which extend beyond the norm is a trend we predict will continue to grow throughout 2019.

A jaw-dropping venue will not only stir interest, create an all-important positive first impression but will immediately drive attendees to become more engaged in the entire experience.

From pop-up open spaces to transforming unexpected nooks and crannies, embracing an unexpected venue creates an immediate buzz around your event. It also serves as a valuable talking point and an opportunity to create a memorable experience for attendees, who are more likely to want to revisit your future events.

If you’re looking for a venue with both functional, versatile spaces and a deep historical charm, look no further than The Brewery. Our 6 venue spaces combine heritage and functionality to make sure your event is both unconventional and eye-catching.

Technology: raising the bar

Whilst the use of technology at events is nothing new, the mechanic of how audiences absorb and interact with it is as evolving as the event planning industry itself.

Guests have an awareness and expectation of how technology should meet their needs, and it is hugely important to use tech to exceed expectations at your event. From reducing time in queues through facial recognition software to the increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), innovative technology use at events is set to grow throughout 2019.

The use of chatbots is on the rise and set to increase, assisting event planners to follow up on leads and monitor responses from attendees. We predict chatbots playing an even bigger role at events throughout next year, constantly interacting with attendees and answering queries throughout the day.

A fresh pair of eyes

Nothing compares to a fresh perspective on a given topic at an event. The benefits of having a guest speaker from a different industry or organisation discussing a given topic that’s related yet different to your industry and the subjects your guests would have heard about before can spark interest and generate conversation at an event.

A fresh perspective can be a hugely beneficial source of conversation, debate, creative thinking and can lead to generating memorable ideas. The involvement of keynote speakers from varying industries is a trend we predict will be on the rise next year.

Mirroring society

Sustainability, together with its global trend, is set to shape future events in a number of different ways. It is important as an event planner to mirror society’s commitment for recycling and reusing, and to thoughtfully embed this into your events.

From use of recycled materials at your event to offering fair-trade food options, there are numerous ways that society’s approach to sustainability can be entwined into your event, with this important approach set to rise in 2019. You could even make a big statement and go completely plastic free at your event to truly raise awareness of society issues.

If you are looking at next year’s diary to plan your event, contact The Brewery today and discover how we can accommodate your event and the services on offer to your company, from event design and a classically stylish venue, to sumptuous food and drink and audio visual features.

Best spots in London to watch the New Years Eve fireworks

Fireworks in London for 2019

There’s nothing more synonymous with the coming of the New Year than watching the wonderful fireworks display on the Thames in the centre of London. But, with so many people crowding to the capital to witness this spectacle, the banks of the Thames can get a little cramped. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best spots in London where you can watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks without fear of your view being obstructed or feeling swamped by a large crowd.

We would like to note that there are ticketed areas available on the banks of the Thames – primarily on the South Bank and Victoria Embankment, but as tickets have now sold out, we’ve been a bit more creative with our suggestions.

The Shard

When considering vantage points in London, the building that comes to mind instantly has to be the tallest in the city. The Shard’s Aqua Shard restaurant on the 31st floor offers a 270-degree view of the London skyline, making it the perfect place to get that panoramic view of the firework display.

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to enjoy an exquisite five-course meal, live music from The Spinettes and a DJ from midnight to help you see in the New Year in style.


What better way to watch the fireworks bring in the New Year than with a luxurious tasting menu and a glass of champagne, all from the first floor of the Royal Festival Hall. Its expertly-situated Southbank terrace gives almost the perfect perspective for the fireworks.

Throughout the evening, you’ll also be able to enjoy a fantastic selection of entertainment and live music, from Tokyo and Dizzee Rascal, to Robbie Williams and Joss Stone.

Jimmy’s Lodge on the River

If you’ve been out and about in London this winter, you’ll probably have spotted a small cluster of glass igloos perched alongside the Thames as part of Jimmy Garcia’s 2018 art installation. With a fully glass surround, these offer a 360-view of the display up and down the river.

You can either choose to celebrate with 6-10 people in one of the igloos with an alpine feast, or head to Jimmy’s Lodge for an ultimate foodie retreat to bring in the New Year. They’re offering a fully festive feast for New Year’s Eve, along with unlimited drinks and a great view of the fireworks from the cosy interior.

Sky Bar

Located atop the iconic Millbank Tower, Sky Bar is hosting an extravagant New Year’s Eve party again this year, showcasing a 360-degree view of the official NYE fireworks in a marathon 12-hour party!

With a scrumptious selection of champagne and canapes to start, roving entertainment, photobooths, DJs, and live cooking stations for that all important sustenance throughout the evening, you’ll be hard pressed to find a party across London that has more going on at New Year’s Eve.

The Duck and Waffle

The Duck and Waffle resides on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower in London and provides a fantastic spot to watch, since it’s inspired by the 1920s and will provide you with both fantastic food and cocktails as you watch the fireworks scattered across the London skyline. Side note though, the fireworks you may see during the evening will not be the official London Eye fireworks, but these will be shown on a screen in the restaurant, and you’ll be able to see everyone else’s celebrations across London.

Those who choose to dine at the Duck and Waffle on New Year’s Eve will be treated to either a five or six course tasting menu with a bottle of champagne and post-dinner canapes.

Sky Garden

This year it’s disco fever at the Sky Garden for New Year with a Studio 54 party! Nestled in amongst the tropical greenery of the space and against the backdrop of the gorgeous city views, you can party the night away with live music from a nine-piece party band and late-night DJs.

The panoramic glass windows will provide the perfect viewing stations for the fireworks down the river and, if you fancy pushing the boat out, you can enjoy those views with one of the Sky Garden’s decadent dining packages in either their Fenchurch or Darwin restaurants.

Parliament Hill

If you aren’t looking to watch the fireworks from above, watching them from a distance is definitely an option – especially if you’re looking for something a little less expensive. While slightly distant, Parliament Hill offers a great perspective from which you can not only see the official New Year’s Eve fireworks by the London Eye, but also a number of other displays that will be taking place across the city.

Additionally, your vantage point will be less crowded than those right on the banks of the Thames and will allow you to stay unsquashed and still get those great views.

Are you organising your own New Year’s Eve event? Why not consider The Brewery as the venue for your party? We have six different event spaces that can be customised to your exact specifications, plus fantastic food, made on site, and a sumptuous selection of drinks to help you celebrate and see in the New Year with style! Click here to start making your booking.

Bio Sculpture GB Visit The Golden Palms Lounge and Casino

On the 2nd December 2018, we were honored to be able to host Bio Sculpture’s 20th Anniversary party. The venue was decorated with our 2018 Christmas party theme ‘The Golden Palms Lounge and Casino’ which is a homage to Las Vegas in the 1960s. The event was an amazing success and much fun was had by all the guests in attendance. Take a look at our dazzling decoration and what happened on the night by watching the wonderful behind the scenes video below.


If you are interested in booking your Christmas 2019 awards or party with us, click here for more information.

The cocktails you should be serving at your New Year’s Eve party

Excellent cocktails served at The Brewery

New Year’s Eve is the time to celebrate the end of the year – whether that’s for good or bad reasons – and there’s no better way to celebrate than with some good friends and good cocktails. If you’re looking for some cocktail inspiration for your New Year’s Eve party, take a look at the one’s we’ve shared below – there should be something for everyone!

The Happy New Year

This appropriately named cocktail is a classic for anyone who loves customising their bubbly. It’s wonderfully simple, consisting of only four ingredients, but creates a fantastic glittery effect!

Simply combine brandy, ruby port, and orange juice in a shaker and shake together. Strain this mixture into a Champagne flute and top with Champagne – or other sparkling wine alternative – for a bubbly and vibrant cocktail to see in the new year.

Find the full recipe and measures here.

The 20th Century Cocktail

This impressive classic from the early 1900s may not be time-relevant, but it’s definitely still one you should add to your drinks menu. If you’re a fan of the gin martini, this will be the cocktail for you – it’s enhanced with Lillet Blanc instead of vermouth and touches on hints of chocolate and citrus.

As with a gin martini, simply combine your favourite gin and Lillet Blanc with crème de cacao and lemon juice, shake together with ice and then pour – it’s that easy!

Get the exact measures here.

The Midori Melon Ball Drop

While not as huge a tradition here as it is in the US, the ball drop in Times Square is the perfect start to the new year. Celebrate with a fantastic, and slightly uncommon, flavour combination of Midori and elderflower for a fun vodka martini!

This simple cocktail only needs four different ingredients so is easy to whip up if you’re looking for a sweet and fruity way to see in the new year! With Midori, citrus vodka, orange juice, and melon balls for a garnish, you can’t go wrong with this recipe.

The Midnight Martini

Do you need something to keep you awake until midnight? To avoid crashing during your New Year’s Eve party, why not whip up this delightfully easy coffee martini – it’s recipe only includes either two or three ingredients, depending on how you feel about flavour combinations.

Simply combine vodka – we would recommend using a vodka with some kind of coffee infusion – and your favourite coffee liqueur and you’re be ready and awake all night! If you’re feeling festive, you can even add a little cinnamon syrup for an extra touch.

The Figgy Sparkler

Not wanting to let go of Christmas yet? Our second Champagne cocktail will help you hold on to those Christmas flavours for just a little bit longer with a delightful combination of cranberries, orange slices and figs.

You’ll need to muddle together the fresh fruits, combine with vodka, and then top it off with some bubbly. If you’re really looking for that figgy flavour, why not infuse some vodka ahead of time with dried figs.

Find the recipe for this soft and sparkling cocktail here.

The Winter Sangria

If you’re looking for a punch that can supply all your guests with minimal effort on your part, look no further than this fantastic winter sangria recipe. You can make it in advance and keep it chilled in the fridge, before bringing it out at party time with a ladle and simply let your guests serve themselves.

This sangria is a wonderful combination of winter fruits – pears, clementines, apples, and pomegranate, are the ones the recipe suggests – all combined with red wine, orange juice, and ginger ale.

The Good Luck Charm

There’s something special about a new year, the time to start afresh and take on those big changes and new year’s resolutions anew. If you’re looking for some good luck for your new year, look no further than this fantastic bourbon cocktail.

This delicious combination of dark whiskey with limoncello is a wonderfully tart and sweet taste that will inspire you with cheer for the new year. Find out how to make it here.


If you’d prefer to not make your own cocktails for your New Year’s Eve party, why not celebrate the coming of the new year with The Brewery and we’ll make them for you! With our well-trained team, we’ll be able to create the perfect flavour combinations to tickle your tastebuds and bring in the New Year with festive cheer! Find out more about what we can offer here.


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