15 Great Corporate Fundraising Ideas

Corporate funding involves gathering financial support from commercial companies and is a great way for charities to secure funds for their causes.

In fact, for many charities, this is one of the best ways to fund their work. A solid corporate partnership can be beneficial for the companies too, helping them to build credibility, improve corporate social responsibility (CSR) and show they’re committed to making a difference in their communities.

Corporate vs charity fundraising ideas

One of the main differences between corporate fundraising and charity fundraising is that corporate funding is raised by a business and then donated to a charity, whereas charity fundraising directly funds the charitable organisation that is raising the money.

If you’re planning a corporate fundraising event to raise money for a great cause, here are our top 15 corporate funding ideas:

1. Bingo

Everyone loves a game of bingo, right? Initiating a bingo tournament is a great way to get the ball rolling and raise those all-important funds.

Simply set the date, plan the event and ask for a donation to be made for each bingo card. You’ll also need to line up a charismatic caller and prizes – make them small but exciting and you’ll be onto a winner.

Bingo numbers

2. Sports day

Competitive sporting events are always a hit in any office environment. They’re great for boosting morale and igniting that all important competitive spirit amongst your workforce.

From football and tennis tournaments, through to tug of war and rounders, there are lots of games that your staff will love getting involved in. How can you raise funds? Just ask those that want to be involved to pledge a donation. You can also raise money on the day of the event by selling refreshments, holding stalls, etc.

Employees at the start line on sports day

3. Silent auction

There’s nothing like a live auction to get the heart racing. Silent auctions are a great way to auction off wholesale and interesting items to bring in the bids.

If you’re planning an auction, you should make sure its lively, exciting and most importantly, features items that people will actually want to buy. This way, you’ll raise optimum funds. Try asking your business network for donations of products, services, or even their time to be auctioned off on the night.

Hands up for silent auction bidding

4. Karaoke night

Not many people can resist a good karaoke night. A guilty pleasure for many, there’s just something about shrugging off your inhibitions, getting behind the mic and belting out your favourite song.

And for a fee, a fun karaoke competition within your company is a sure-fire way to raise funds. Karaoke nights are also super easy to arrange, and you can generate additional funds through food and drink.

Microphone for karaoke

5. Bowling tournament

Bowling is an activity that almost everyone can get involved in and is a great way to initiate some healthy competition in the workplace.

Ask people to donate before they sign up to play and offer a prize for the winner. You could even make it a regular event with a bowling league, with players paying to join.

10 pin bowling lane ready

6. Company concert

Almost every company has a musical genius working under their roof or a secretly talented singer in their midst. With this in mind, why not round up the musicians in your company and host your very own concert?

Ask employees and their families to make a donation to come and watch on the night.

Company concert

7. Raffle

Raffles can be incredibly popular, especially if there’s some exciting prizes and it’s for a good cause. And prizes needn’t cost the earth either, as the hope of winning a bottle of wine, chocolate or even a gift voucher is enough to get many people reaching into their pockets.

Lottery balls for raffle

8. Casino night

Bring the bright lights of Vegas to your workplace by hosting a Vegas night where your guests can play blackjack, craps, roulette and poker, providing they make a donation.

Cards being thrown on casino table

9. Bake sale

Bake sales have long been a success when it comes to raising money for charity. Simply fill your corporate bake sale with lots of delicious sweet treats and scrumptious savoury delights and you’re sure to make a killing for your chosen charity.

Colourful cake sale cake

10. Photo competition

A great way to boost morale and raise money at the same time, a hilarious photo competition is always a laugh.

Simply ask your employees to bring a funny photo in with a caption attached. Hang them in your staff room or other communal area and ask your workforce to vote for their favourite whilst leaving a donation.

Close up of camera lens

11. Arm wrestling competition

Arm wrestling competitions are always great fun and you’re sure to generate lots of interest when it comes to putting people’s egos to the test!

There’s always a great atmosphere surrounding this type of competition as teams sweat it out to triumph. Again, a simple donation from each competitor will soon bring in the funds.

Mother and son arm wrestling

12. Car wash

Many people never get around to washing their car, so why not launch a charity car wash day in your work car park? There should be plenty of volunteers who are willing to give up their day to raise funds for a good cause.

Car being cleaned for charity fundraising

13. Coffee morning

Everyone loves a good natter and to escape their desk for an hour or two. Coffee mornings always go down a treat, especially when hot drinks and delicious cakes, pastries and sandwiches are involved.

Coffee mug on table

14. Darts match

Darts is another game that people love to get involved with. Often a game enjoyed down the local pub, it’s super easy to facilitate a game of darts in the workplace by asking for a simple donation to be involved in the game.

Dart being thown mid-flight

15. Corporate dinner

Everyone likes to escape the office, let their hair down and enjoy an evening of entertainment with their colleagues.

And hosting a corporate dinner is a great way to bring in funds, even by just asking for those attending to pay the ticket price. There are also lots of ways you can generate extra funds at a corporate dinner by initiating auctions and raffles, for example.

Korean lamb

Why choose The Brewery for your corporate funding event?

 Located in the heart of London, The Brewery is a great place to host your corporate fundraising event.

Bringing together a specialist team of talented experts who cover venue management, event production and design, fine dining and customer service, The Brewery really is the ultimate location to host a memorable charity event that’s sure to be a hit.

Each room includes everything you need to create the corporate funding event you envisage – from LED lighting, PA systems and Wi-Fi.

As a premier event and fine dining venue in the City of London, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best service when it comes to planning a charity or corporate funding event.

Get in contact with us today to enquire about your charity event or to make a booking.

What weddings could look like after lockdown

Wedding at The Brewery

For couples who were looking forward to saying ‘I do’ in 2020, wedding planning has become nothing short of turbulent due to the unforeseen impact of coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you’ve received a ‘save the date’ for a rearranged wedding now due to take place in 2021, you are not alone. With thousands of bride and grooms close to taking their nuptials, plans for thousands of weddings have been thrown into disarray.

So, with the effects of COVID-19 still well and truly being felt across the nation, The Brewery’s wedding experts look at the wedding trend predictions for 2021 and beyond.

Compact gatherings

2021 is set to pay witness to intimate wedding celebrations of 20 people or less. While a stripped back guest list could be a result of this year’s limit to social gatherings, it could entice couples to opt for small intimate weddings made up of just their nearest and dearest.

Couples are set to downsize their guest lists to be able to spend more quality time with each person, as well as spending more of their wedding budget on creating unforgettable experiences for their guests.

Wedding at The Brewery

Gratitude in action

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we should ensure we are cherishing those we hold dear and being grateful for our friends and family more than ever.

This message is predicted to carry through into the vision of couples getting hitched in 2021. We could see couples keen to show their affection and love to guests through small and meaningful acts of kindness throughout the day.

From inviting guests to take the wedding flowers home at the end of the day to personalised messages on place settings and affectionate wedding favours, 2021 is set to witness a flurry of wedding-based gratitude in action.

Wedding in Brewery courtyard

Weekday weddings

Next year’s wedding planning is likely to see couples opt for weekday weddings. With many 2020 weekend weddings postponed until next year, a big trend for 2021 will be a rise in weekday celebrations.

Opting for a weekday wedding is certainly better for the wallet, with many wedding price rates during the week being cheaper than at weekends. It also increases the likelihood of couples’ must-have wedding suppliers being available on the desired weekday wedding date.

Sustainably sourced celebrations

While this isn’t a new trend for 2021, it is one that’ we see continuing. The attitude towards a sustainable approach is one that is only growing, and couples are set to embrace even more ways to ensure their wedding is eco-friendly.

From avoiding plastic, gifting plants and ensuring food is locally sourced, there are a host of ways that couples will keep sustainability front of mind throughout 2021 wedding celebrations.

Wedding at The Brewery

Find out more

If you are planning a post lockdown wedding and are looking for the perfect wedding venue, contact The Brewery today.

We’re even offering virtual tours during lockdown so you can have a look around our venue from the comfort of your sofa.

Keeping You Safe – The Brewery is accredited with AIM Secure

We’re still waiting for the all clear to get back to hosting events, but we are working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure the venue is safe and secure for all of guests, staff and suppliers. We have recently published our venue health and safety guide and we have now also been accredited with the Meetings Industry Association – AIM Secure standard.

AIM Secure recognises our desire to demonstrate a professional approach to the meetings and events business. It highlights our dedication to offering an environment that is healthy and hygienic as well as our commitment to do the very best for everyone who visits the venue.

We can’t wait to see you all again in the, hopefully, not too distant future.

How to make your next digital event a rip-roaring success

Lights in room

As we have all witnessed in recent months, the events world has a completely different landscape to what it did pre-lockdown. Like every other industry, the events and hospitality sector has been forced to adapt and be agile in this ever-changing climate.

But as many turn their attention to digital events during the pandemic, how can businesses continue to showcase their products, host launches and capture their audiences in the way they could through a physical event?

If you’re puzzled by presentation software or tearing your hair out over virtual streaming technology, here we explore the very best virtual streaming tools to maximise audience participation and make your next digital event a rip-roaring success.


Digital events uncovered

Digital events come in various forms, including virtual and hybrid events.

Virtual events

This type of event includes an audience interacting in a fully virtual environment, often through a video conferencing tool, live stream or virtual event platform.

Hybrid events

This type of event takes place in a physical venue, while simultaneously being attended by a live and interactive online audience. While there is a mix of audience participation with this event type, a significant percentage of the audience participates virtually.

man in front of screen

The best tools for the job

Depending on the unique needs of the event, there are several tools which, when combined, make for the perfect digital experience.

A virtual event platform

A virtual event platform is your new virtual venue. It will be where your online event attendees will engage with your content, sponsors and each other.

Networking tools

A virtual networking tool ensures valuable connections are made between your virtual audience members. It creates an opportunity for attendees to network, discuss and connect during your event.

Live streaming tools

The content you present during your virtual event is vital, as is the method in which you choose to present it. Selecting the right live streaming tools to present your event content increases the chances of audience engagement and them tuning in again to other events.

Participant engagement tools

Virtual events are a vital opportunity to showcase your products, business and skills, but capturing an audience and engaging with them in the virtual space can be tricky. Whether its polls, sharing presentation slides straight to devices or surveys, selecting the right participant engagement event tools can make or break your digital event.

social media on ipad

Measuring how much your audience were engaged during your event through effective analytics and data will enable you to tailor future events and improve the all-round experience for delegates.

Tools such as Glisser and Grip are virtual event platforms which offer this exact insight to analyse audience responses and improve audience interaction.

Find out more

If you are planning a post lockdown product launch or corporate event and are looking for the perfect venue, contact The Brewery today.

We’re even offering virtual tours during lockdown so you can have a look around our venue from the comfort of your sofa.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Gitlab Case Study

The Brewery proudly opened its doors to host a celebration of innovation for Gitlab, leading providers of DevOps, a set of practices combining software development and IT operations.

The event saw over 400 delegates descend on The Brewery to witness Gitlab’s showcase of new company developments, together with training and networking for Europe-based users. It was also the perfect opportunity to celebrate recent company successes and demonstrate business potential to future users and colleagues.

Photo Credit: London Filmed


Virtual tours of The Brewery from the comfort of your sofa

Outside view of The Brewery, the Central London events venueAs we have all experienced, the world is a very different place right now to what we’re used to, and it’s far from business as usual. However, in an ever-changing world, The Brewery has adapted and created a way for you to enjoy our charming event spaces from the comfort of your sofa!

That’s why we have a host of virtual tours to choose from, so despite lockdown, you can still get inspired and explore The Brewery in all its glory, from your own living room.

So, boil the kettle, pull up a chair and enjoy a host of immersive virtual experiences set to get your imaginative juices flowing.

The Brewery visits your living room

From a very safe distance, The Brewery team is delighted to open its doors to let you have a good nose around.

Using the popular Zoom platform, we invite you to take our virtual tour around our jaw-dropping event spaces accompanied by a dedicated member of our sales team. You’ll also be sent a range of images and access to our planning and capacity app, to help guide you through your virtual experience.

Cocktails lined up at a Brewery event

Your questions answered

Whatever query you have, we have just the right team members on hand to help. Thinking about food? No problem, we’ll grab our chef from his virtual kitchen to answer your culinary queries.

Perhaps you want to know more about our state-of-the-art AV service? Our experts are on hand during your dedicated tour to inform you of the essential AV need-to-knows.

If you’re in the midst of wedding planning, our wedding manager, Milena, can join to talk you through our fairy tale venue and how we can shape your special day.

If you have a vision for your next event but need a bit of help, we’ve stacks of case studies which showcase our unique event spaces and what can be achieved at The Brewery, sure to inspire you and demonstrate how we can bring your own unique vision to life.

We’ll walk and talk you through the entire virtual experience, so you’re sure to not get lost and have a clear idea of which room you’re stood in!

Roam around our event spaces and see them for yourself in this fully immersive, private tour, complete with The Brewery’s traditional warm welcome.

Fabulous interior design and visuals at a Brewery dinner

Rooms at The Brewery

Get set for the ultimate exploration of The Brewery’s many charming event spaces and outdoor areas, including:

Book your virtual tour today

We’ve made booking your virtual tour of The Brewery simple and hassle-free. Simply email us at: virtualvisit@thebrewery.co.uk and we’ll take care of the rest. If you have any queries in the meantime, please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

We’ll assign a suitable date and time that works around your diary for your virtual site visit, so you’ll know when to expect us. The virtual tour is also available for those interested in exploring our sister venue, The Grubstreet Author.

So, whether you’re in the middle of wedding planning, embarking on an exciting product launch or simply fancy a look around The Brewery to inspire your next event, we’re ready to welcome you.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Lockdown – A New Language

A new language

The effect of lockdown on the event industry hasn’t just meant a move to hybrid events, there is now a new virus-related vernacular in use by event planners.

The Brewery, which is recognised for its fresh outlook on the capital’s headline events, is having to re-interpret event specific acronyms such as DDR and AV in line with today’s demand and social changes.

Lockdown has exacerbated the need for people to communicate. From an individual’s need for interaction to organisations who are embarking on a new way of operating and communicating with their teams, clients, suppliers and shareholders. 

Subsequently, demand for incorporating a virtual element into client meetings and events at the venue has grown as organisations address the shift in people WFH. We used to plan events around the four walls that the sessions were taking place in. Now, we need to consider a completely new perimeter; the four corners of the screen that remote guests will be focused in on. Add to this a revised set of operating rules across the venue and the conversations with clients and colleagues are changing and a new dialogue is developing.

London Calling Conference

Examples of the new phraseology for the event sector includes: 


Event host, real-time and virtual  

Virtual backgrounds     

The four corners of the screen have become the aperture for eager eyes and attendees need to consider what their personal working at home set-up portrays. In real time, event attendees are engaged with each other on an even playing field, however, remote viewers have unique scenarios that are as individual are they are. Attending from beside the pool or from the box room can be distracting for the wider audience. Planners should therefore consider the online experience of their delegates to be as important as their real-time guests. Themed backdrops or sponsored backgrounds give equality and are important ways of eliminating any perceived hierarchy and most importantly help build a cohesive message.

Online meetings

Push notifications

Keeping attendees’ attention is key – especially when they are remote. Push notifications can keep participants hooked at all times and may mean they don’t miss out on important conversations. A maxed info’ consumption means a far higher return on investment and a superior return on experience for guests too. 

Scrolling / To scroll        

Covid-19 has been a catalyst in the move from print-based conference programs to tech-platforms that enable networking & sponsorship along with a central resource for content. Scrolling is a delegate’s hastened sweep through content that they deem less suitable for their needs. Longer term, organisers can keep their audiences engaged and networking long after the event has concluded, therefore, scrolling due to poor quality and content needs to be eliminated.   

Online events viewing


Organisers want as few touch points and areas for potential contamination as possible. Canapes and buffets are now potentially no-go foodie options, replaced with served boxed food, and the ease of providing an all-day un-manned coffee station has been erased from the operations manual. Name badges and goodie bags are being scrutinised too as organisers look to replicate a 5* experience on their event apps. Society’s on-going reliance on phones is helping organisers drive their delegates to their dedicated app or platform and eliminate areas that formerly required a tactile interaction.  

Virtual happy hour

Enabling the virtual guest to carry out their working in a less formal atmosphere post event.

WFH – working from home

With many organisations having to switch to remote working at home, there’s been a significant increase in international participants as overseas offices and colleagues are being invited to events that previously would only have had a local or UK domestic audience.  Inviting guests from the four corners of the globe means messages remain uniform across the operating companies and more importantly alleviates the need for travel. With so many businesses easing their teams in to working remotely for the foreseeable they are increasingly creating virtual events to keep their corporate values and messaging on point.

working from home

WFO – working from the office                                

Conversely the term ‘working from the office’ implies the number people that will be in real-time attendance at the event. In line with Covid-19 restrictions the groups size in attendance may be slightly smaller, however, there will be a greater reach of audience numbers who are attending online.       

The rise of hybrid events marks a new chapter in The Brewery’s evolution as a beacon for business and social networking.  Rather than focus on the uncertainty of what physical events may look like in the future, now is the time to adapt and embrace the ‘new normal’ for meetings and events, and a hybrid of physical and virtual will undoubtedly have a huge role to play in this for the foreseeable.

What’s key is that we embrace the need to give our clients a safe and secure environment to communicate. Technology has been forced to the fore and rather than eroding the events market it’s providing more opportunities and better ways for clients to communicate and keep engaged with their audiences. It means there’s a shift in how events take place along with wider considerations on how they will appear and impact – no longer just from the four walls of the venue but from the four corners of the screen and the four corners of the world.

If you would like to learn more about how we can create a hybrid event please get in touch with our sales team or read our London’s Calling case study here.

London’s Calling Case Study

The current hot industry topic is hybrid events. However, there is a lot of confusion about the best way to deliver these, and what tech to use. Just before lock-down we hosted London’s Calling Ltd, an event for the Salesforce community. Although the decision was made to not have any guests at the venue, the event was still successfully delivered with activities and speakers onsite and online. We’ve put together the below case study to provide a look behind the scenes.


Download case study here

An interview with Tom Gore, Food Director at The Brewery

Since becoming part of The Brewery family back in 2012, our, Tom Gore, has worked to fulfill his vision to deliver high end restaurant quality cuisine to the events world.

This vision has come to life and transformed the dining experience at The Brewery, and now our venue is regarded as one of London’s must-attend destinations for imaginative and truly delicious food and drink.

Here, we talk to Tom about all things food, explore what makes him tick and delve into his culinary wizardry.

When did you decide you wanted to be a chef?

“I first thought about being a chef when I was around 14, when I was doing cooking lessons at school. The teacher asked us to create a dish or cake. Everyone made cakes or cookies, but I decided to prepare pan-fried duck with raspberry sauce and potato gratin. I think that was the defining moment!”

What was your favourite childhood meal?

“It has to be lamb chops with mashed potato and cabbage. It’s still my favorite to this day.”

What is your favourite restaurant in London?

“Roka in Charlotte Street, I love the robata grill. I’ve had some fabulous evenings in there.”

Where do get the inspiration for adapting your seasonal menus?

“All over if I’m honest, but most of the ideas come from talking with my chef colleagues and friends.”

What is your signature dish?

“Not something I make at The Brewery, but it’s my fry up. Anyone who’s experienced it, knows it can’t be beaten!”

What is your favourite ingredient to cook with and why?

“Lamb, it’s just a sensational meat.”

What would you say are the biggest challenges for chefs currently?

“The food industry is always changing. Keeping up with food trends can be challenging if you only treat it as job rather than a passion.”

What is your favourite dish to prepare at an event?

“There have been many dishes, but I have to say scallop ceviche and yuzu wasabi vinaigrette.”

What is your go-to comfort food?

“Fry up, lamb chops, my mum’s Italian meatballs and a drive through McDonald’s.”

Who/what is your biggest inspiration and why?

“I don’t have anyone who I aspire to be, all I want to be is the best I can be myself. I feel I’m not even close to hitting my targets, ask me this question again in 10 years’ time!”

What is your favourite movie or television show to enjoy over a home-cooked meal?

“I love a documentary on Netflix. At the moment, I’m really enjoying The Last Dance, about the Chicago Bulls in the 1990’s.”

Try Tom’s delicious food today

If you have enjoyed hearing Tom’s story and finding out more about our passionate Food Director, why not book your next event today?

Contact The Brewery today for an experience you’ll never forget.

Must-try recipes from The Brewery kitchen: Salmon Mi-Cuit

What could be more uplifting than surprising your family with a fine dining experience in the comfort of your own home?

Elevate your next meal from mundane to mouth-watering with help from The Brewery’s culinary experts.

Our team of chefs have compiled an easy to follow recipe card for you to create Salmon Mi-Cuit, a classic French-inspired dish, in your very own kitchen.

Let our Executive Chef, Andrew O’Connor, take you through this easy to follow recipe so you can wow your loved ones with your cookery skills.

We’ve even included larger quantities in case you want to plan ahead for a larger gathering in the future.

You can even download the recipe, as we have no doubt this will become a dish you will want to make time and time again!

Salmon Mi-Cuit recipe card