Spooktacular Halloween ideas for your next corporate event

Halloween season has well and truly arrived, with the emergence of pumpkin-carved creations, spooky costumes and eager enthusiasts flocking to buy trick or treaters sugary surprises.

With Halloween celebrated across the nation, it is easy to see why it has become the third most popular festival in the UK.

And it’s not just the youngsters who like to get involved in the frightening fun. The trend for Halloween-inspired corporate events is growing, with many wanting to host their own ghoulish get togethers.

If you’re thinking of getting involved in the Halloween fun, we’ve compiled our top spooky selection of Halloween-inspired ideas for your next event.

Scary clown character featured at a Halloween corporate event at London venue The Brewery

Monsters’ ball

Nothing screams Halloween season more than a monsters’ ball, and this is the perfect event to get your workforce into the scary spirit.

A winning concoction of fun fancy dress, deliciously tempting food and drink and spooky decorations, and you have the recipe for a perfectly spellbinding Halloween celebration.

Halloween cup cake

A themed monsters’ ball is the perfect opportunity for your colleagues to socialise, descend on the dancefloor and enjoy the atmospheric ambience.

Treat your team to delectable drinks and fun finger food during your Halloween bash, judge the best fancy dress and dance the night away to the soundtrack of your favourite spooky seasonal sounds.

Murder mystery dinner

Perfect for the scary season is a classic ‘whodunnit’. What better way to mark Halloween than by organising your very own murder mystery dinner?

Delight in witnessing colleagues transform into character and enjoy watching them play the roles and act out a dramatic storyline.

Feeling creative? You can even write the script yourselves, a fantastic team building exercise, or purchase kits which come with character ideas and storylines included.

Character at The Brewery Halloween Party

Enjoy delicious cuisine, be sure to have your very best Poirot crime-solving hat on, and mark Halloween in style by trying to catch the killer.  

Horror film screening

If your workforce are movie buffs, why not organise a horror movie screening as part of your next team building event?

Select a sinister horror film, such as The Shining, Poltergeist or A Nightmare on Elm Street, and enjoy movie snacking in between screams!

Our generously-sized Porter Tun space boasts original features including an antique wooden floor, exposed King Post timber roof and true historical charm, making it a perfect movie screening venue. As one of the largest and unobstructed event spaces in London, it makes the perfect home to your Halloween horror screening.

The Porter Tun Halloween Party

Whichever Halloween-inspired event you choose to organise, The Brewery is the perfect venue to host your spooky soiree.

With a selection of bespoke mouth-watering food and drinks options, an array of event spaces and a centrally located venue in the heart of London, The Brewery is the perfect choice for next year’s Halloween monster mash.

Creeper card player at The Brewery London venue for Halloween corporate events.

Book next year’s monster mash with The Brewery  

If you are looking to host a devilishly delightful Halloween event next year, contact The Brewery today.

Our expert team will help to shape your event and make it one to remember. Let The Brewery team help create your next Halloween event…it’s sure to be a thriller.

Picture story: Chef’s favourite dishes

Here at The Brewery, our handpicked team of expert chefs live and breathe culinary excellence. We adore nothing more than the creation of delectable cuisine using the very finest ingredients. Our exceptional food and drinks menu will tempt any palette.

To give you a flavour of some of our mouth-watering culinary creations, we’ve served up a gallery of some of our chefs’ favourite dishes, a showcase of just a few of the many delicious creations close to our chefs’ hearts.

 Baked Alaska, green tea panna cotta, salt baked pineapple, kaffir lime foam and vanilla ice cream
 Tender Korean lamb served on a bed of Asian leaves, BBQ cucumber and asparagus.
 Our succulent rib of beef is served with watercress, Grelot onions, truffle buttermilk and asparagus
 Sesame prawn toast served with sweet and sour jelly, salt baked celeriac and pineapple with a sweet miso sauce.
 Our smoked baby leeks are served on a vegetarian parmesan custard with ash and hot house herbs
 Tempting chocolate mousse wrapped in chocolate jelly, chocolate soil and finished with freeze-dried raspberries
 Strawberry bubble gum mousse served with a strawberry bon-bon, candyfloss, berries, meringues, cherry cola jelly and strawberry lace
 Summer fish pie served with mussels, calamari, spring vegetables, caper and herb cream sauce and finished with a Yukon gold crisp

Summer fish pie

Summer fish pie
A fine dining twist on a firm family favourite, our summer fish pie is served with mussels, calamari, spring vegetables, caper and herb cream sauce and finished with a Yukon gold crisp.

Sesame prawn toast

Sesame prawn toast
Sesame prawn toast served with sweet and sour jelly, salt baked celeriac and pineapple with a sweet miso sauce.

Rib of beef

Rib of beef
Our succulent rib of beef is served with watercress, Grelot onions, truffle buttermilk and asparagus.

Korean lamb

Korean lamb
Our tender Korean lamb is served on a bed of Asian leaves, BBQ cucumber and asparagus.

Smoked baby leeks

Baby leeks with vegetarian parmesan custard
Our smoked baby leeks are served on a vegetarian parmesan custard with ash and hot house herbs.

Smoked chocolate roll

Chocolate roll
This tempting chocolate mousse is wrapped in chocolate jelly, chocolate soil and finished with freeze-dried raspberries.

Strawberry bubble gum mousse

Strawberry bubble mousse
Calling those with a sweet tooth! Our strawberry bubble gum mousse is served with a strawberry bon-bon, candyfloss, berries, meringues, cherry cola jelly and strawberry lace.

Baked Alaska

Baked AlaskaBaked Alaska, green tea panna cotta, salt baked pineapple, kaffir lime foam and vanilla ice cream.

Now we’ve got your stomach rumbling, let’s talk food! Whether you are interested in a fine dining experience, looking for a bespoke and tailored menu for your next event or want to find out more about our exquisite menus, we are sure to fulfil your every need and more than satisfy your appetite.

Contact the team today to find out more about how our dedicated expert chefs will craft a food and drinks menu sure to impress at your next event.

Be captivated this Christmas as the Goodnight Cabaret performs for one last time

Christmas Party at The Goodnight Cabaret

Be captivated at The Brewery this Christmas with a glittering homage to a long-forgotten theatre, brought mysteriously back to life as the Goodnight Cabaret performs for one last time.

Autumn is just around the corner and Christmas celebrations are in our sights. This year, enjoy a spellbinding resurrection of historical legend and be transported back in time as The Brewery is transformed into the mysterious Goodnight Cabaret’s forgotten theatre.

Experience a captivating cocktail of mystery, magic, theatre and nostalgia, and make your 2019 Christmas event one your party will never forget.

The legend

In the early years of the 20th century there were whispers on the streets of London of a magical clandestine cabaret.

People spoke of outrageous performances, intoxicating music and spellbinding nights, the likes of which the city had never seen. As London fell on hard times, the cabaret disappeared.

Some dismissed it as urban legend told as a whimsical reminder of better times, but others knew they were not of this earth.

This December, The Brewery will become the broken down, forgotten theatre brought mysteriously back to life by the spirit of entertainment and the soul of music as the cabaret performs for one last time.

Christmas Party at The Goodnight Cabaret

Discover more about our spellbinding Christmas parties here.

Party packages

Our two party packages have been created to cater for your party’s every need. From exclusive room hire and striking themed venue design to a sparkling cocktail reception, a delicious three-course menu and an after-dinner DJ, your 2019 Christmas event has it all.

Christmas Party at The Goodnight Cabaret

Find out more about what’s included in our party packages here.  

The menu

Each year, we delight in serving our guests the very best drinks and sumptuous cuisine in The Brewery’s classically stylish setting, and this year’s Christmas party theme is no exception.

Specially crafted by our expert chefs, this year’s menu is carefully designed to appeal to a broad range of tastes, all using the very finest festive ingredients.

Christmas party food at The Brewery

Christmas party organisers are also invited to attend our annual tasting event, the perfect opportunity to try the menu, sample the wine and upgrade options, as well as to be wowed by our table layout.

Unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks are included in both packages as well as a themed cocktail and sparkling wine drinks reception for your guests to enjoy.

We also have a host of upgrade options including canapes and unlimited spirits which can be added to your package at an additional cost.  

Book your 2019 Christmas party at The Brewery
Step into the mysterious world of the Goodnight Cabaret and book your Christmas party 2019 at The Brewery. Make an enquiry by calling us on 020 7638 8811 or complete the contact form and discover how we can accommodate your party this Christmas.

Control your plate, control your weight

One of the main behaviours that is responsible for weight gain in recent times is a lack of portion control. In the last twenty years alone, daily calorie intake has increased by over 400kcal, on average, and part of that is down to the lack of control we have towards our portion sizes.

Not only does a bigger portion help us pack on the pounds, but it can also contribute towards increasing waste; when you cook a larger portion of food and don’t eat all of it, that food normally ends up in the bin.

While we can all be guilty of overloading, it doesn’t have to be this way. Contrary to popular belief, it’s pretty easy to regulate your portion sizes and trick your brain into thinking that your plate is bigger than it is with some simple tips.

Judge portion sizes using your hands

Your hands can work as a very simple measure for several different foods, allowing you to calculate exactly how much you need without having to buy all the measuring cups and scales. Not to mention that using hands is a perfect way to scale portions for bigger and smaller people – children have smaller hands so will portion less, while men often have larger hands and will therefore receive a larger portion.

If we take pasta as an example, you can measure how much you need by simply scooping up an amount that fits comfortably in both hands. If it’s spaghetti, measure it through the hole your fingers make when creating an “OK” gesture with your thumb and forefinger.

For many portions, the consensus seems to be that women should have one of these measurements, while men have two, such as:

  • High-protein foods should be measured using the palm – women have one palm-sized serving, while men have two
  • Vegetables and salads are measured as a fist – one fist for women and two for men
  • High-fat foods are measured using the thumb – one thumb-sized portion for women and two for men

Choose the right snacks

Choosing the right foods to eat is also a crucial way to manage your portion control. More and more often, people are overloading on calories, sugar and fat from snacks which, due to their smaller size, seem to fall under their radar. It’s much better to snack on healthy, filling options, like fruit or nuts, than unhealthy snacks like chocolate or sweets that are more likely to cause a sugar crash, making you snack even more.

Also, when you are choosing snacks, make sure to measure yourself out a portion instead of eating straight from the packet. It’s a lot harder to regulate your portion size when you don’t section it out, and people are more likely to eat more out of the packet when compared to an allotted bowl or plate.

Eat off smaller plates

Have you heard the saying “you eat with your eyes”? That’s truer than you might think and it’s one of the other ways that your portion sizes can get a little out of control. As humans, we love the idea of a full plate – we know that when a plate is full, whatever is on there will fill us up. However, portion issues come from the fact that, if a large plate is used, excess food is added to make sure the plate looks full, even if it is over the portion size.

To combat this, try serving your meals on smaller plates, or plates with a wide rim to reduce the surface that should be covered. Before you know it, you’ll be eating less, and you won’t even realise it.

Save leftovers

Finally, if you do overcook a meal, don’t try and eat all of it – save some leftovers for the next day. This is a great way to ensure you’re getting a heartier lunch and, as such, you’ll be feeling fuller and be less likely to snack.

However, don’t serve all the food onto your plate and then save whatever you leave – you’ll be much more likely to eat more if it’s sitting right in front of you. Instead, make sure to portion out the food before you sit down to eat and pop the leftovers into storage containers to save.

Food at The Brewery

At The Brewery, we take our food seriously. Under the masterful eye of our Food Director, Tom Gore, everything we create is perfectly balanced in both flavour and portion size. If you’re planning an event and would like to hold it somewhere were the food is a focal point, take a look at what we can do at The Brewery.

With a team of talented chefs and the ability to create a bespoke menu just for your event, you’ll be able to sit back and know that everything from the flavours to the portion sizes are well taken care of.

Meet our Wedding Planner, Milena Gorska (Part Two)

Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life and our Wedding Planner, Milena Gorska, is the perfect person to make sure everything is just as you have imagined. In the second part of our interview with her, we hear all about the most unusual detail she was asked to organise, what she carries with her on the big day, and her predictions for the top wedding trends in 2020.

Here’s the second part of our look behind the scenes with Milena Gorska, Wedding Planner at The Brewery. Discover the top wedding trends for 2020, what Milena brings to every wedding, and the most unusual request she’s ever had from a couple.

Wedding in the courtyard at The Brewery
Credit: Gomes Photography

Q. What order of priority would you give the different aspects of the wedding day?

A. “This is totally dependent on the couple and what is most important to them. From the initial stages of planning all the way through to the final meeting before the big day, I get an understanding from our conversations of what are the most important aspects for them. It is different every time.

“Most couples want the day to be effortless and to flow well, making sure their guests have a great time – this is managed by our efficient staff making sure that we keep to their schedule of the day, the service smooth and the glasses topped up!”

Q. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve been asked to organise?

A. “I had a couple who were into science, or more specifically planets. They wanted to create a solar system theme in one of the venue spaces, with planets hanging from the ceiling. That was a cool idea! For the ceremony, they wanted a drone as the ring bearer.”

Floral arrangement at Brewery wedding
Credit: Jeff Oliver Photographer

Q. What’s the biggest lesson or piece of advice you’ve received?

A. “This year I met with Kelly Mortimer, who is a wedding venue expert. With a background in luxury London hotels and destination weddings, Kelly has two decades of experience in the industry and she shared with me all her tips on wedding days and how to make them a success.

“One of the training sessions was on time management – and trust me with Kelly’s tips on how to structure my day, I have discovered how to have so much more time!”

Q. How do you find out what a couple wants for their wedding?

A. “From the first viewing, some couples already have a clear picture in mind of what they want and what is most important to them. I will have many planning meetings along the way – a good opportunity is at the menu tasting when the couple bring their parents or the Maid of Honour or Best Man and a lot of executive decisions can be made.

Couple getting married at The Brewery
Credit: Laura Lees Photography

“During the planning stages, I also share a wedding checklist with the couple, which is a lengthy document covering all aspects of the wedding day, and all the information we need to make sure we make their day perfect.”

Q. What do you make sure to have with you on the big day?

A. “A coffee, a clipboard with the wedding function sheet and lots of positivity. I always start the mornings listening to an upbeat track and having a dance to gear me up for the day ahead. Wedding days are long days, but when you love what you’re doing it doesn’t seem like work. And it’s great to see how it all comes together after a year of planning.

“As the day goes on, I like to stand to the side and watch all the special moments – speeches, cutting of the cake, the first dance and then seeing all the guests having a boogie on the dancefloor.”

Q. What are the big trends that are coming up for the 2020 wedding season?

A. “I am sure there will be more popping up towards the end of the year, but now the big one is sustainable weddings. With environmental impact and climate change being one of our everyday topics, it’s no surprise the modern Bride and Groom want to incorporate this in their special day. Many couples use recyclable wedding stationery and ensure their venue plays a role in sustainability by limiting food waste and moving away from single use plastic – something The Brewery has done!

“Another trend I see coming into play in 2020 is the use of more greenery, living plants and foliage for centrepieces, ceremony arches and bouquets. We seem to be drifting away from colourful, bold tall centrepieces. Green is a classic shade that goes with everything!”

Centerpiece at a Brewery wedding
Credit: Adam & Hannah

With six fully customisable event spaces, a talented team of chefs and the capable hands of our Wedding Planner, Milena Gorska, we’d love to make your wedding day the best day of your life at The Brewery. If you’d like us to host your special day, simply get in contact with us here.

Meet our Wedding Planner, Milena Gorska (Part one)

From a happy-crying Mother of the Bride to cheese tower wedding cakes, our Wedding Planner, Milena Gorska has seen everything. Here’s the first part of our interview with her to find out all the behind the scenes tips and secrets about weddings at The Brewery.

Being a wedding planner is no easy job, but it’s one our Wedding Planner, Milena Gorska, loves. Whether it’s making sure the day flows smoothly, organising a drone to act as a ring-bearer, or bringing the Mother of the Bride to tears with the wedding venue decoration (or all three), Milena is on hand to make sure your wedding day is perfect.

Let’s go behind the scenes with her to find out more about her role in your big day.

About Milena

Inspired by rom coms from a very early age, Milena decided that she wanted to find a way to create magic and romance for brides and grooms in real life. After planning her first wedding in a Central London hotel, she realised the satisfaction she felt was far greater than that for a corporate event, which set her on her career path to where she is today at The Brewery.

Q. Why did you choose to work at The Brewery as a Wedding Planner?

A. “My initial thoughts about The Brewery were – it’s so unique, has so much history and from my first look at the venue, I knew you could do so much, it had so much versatility to it. I love how there are so many venue spaces which are all different and can be used for weddings of a smaller, intimate scale or for huge, grand celebrations. I can really use my creativity to work wonders in the spaces.

“Planning a wedding at The Brewery is assisted greatly by the fantastic teams we have working here. The team of chefs is led by our Food Director, Tom Gore, who puts together mouth-watering seasonal menus which always please wedding parties. I always have guests at weddings approaching me to speak to the chef, they say it is the best wedding food they’ve tasted! On the wedding day, everything runs so smoothly with an efficient logistics and operational team led by an event manager, who just gets it and know how important the day is.”

Wedding at The Brewery
Credit: Epic Moments Photography

Q. What do you enjoy most about your role?

A. “My favourite part of the role is seeing months of planning, emails, phone calls and meetings put together into one special day – teams of production and lighting, florists, the band, menu and wines, and decor all coming together, and the room being set up so beautifully. The best bit is seeing the couple’s reaction when they see the room set up for the first time and they are simply overjoyed.”

Q. What’s the most touching wedding moment you’ve witnessed?

A. “Each wedding has its own touching moments, whether it’s when the Father sees the Bride, or the Groom sees the Bride walking down the aisle, or a beautiful speech by the Groom, but one significant touching moment I experienced was with a Mother of the Bride. She arrived at the venue to see the room set up for the ceremony, and as soon as I opened the doors she burst into tears. She was taken aback by the beauty of the room, also bearing in mind the last time she had seen the room it was empty. She was stunned and so overwhelmed saying “It’s so beautiful, I can’t believe it.”

“During the run up to the wedding, all my concentration is on the bridal couple, but it is moments like that I realise how special this day is not only for the couple, but for Mum who will see her daughter get wed! I even shed a tear myself.”

Wedding ceremony in the King George III at The Brewery
Credit: Michael Hall Photography

Q. Are there any trends you love or any that you want to leave behind?

A. “I absolutely love to see colours – dusty rose, berry pink or coral are all great colours which work. Colour blocking is a trend that is gaining momentum and I have seen it used for ceremonies, bridal bouquets and stationery which is a nice and vibrant touch to a wedding.

“What I think will always work fantastically at The Brewery is unique and statement lighting. Lighting is essential to creating an atmosphere and using uplighters, lanterns, festoon lighting or fairy light walls completely transforms our venue – you can feel the romance and dreaminess.

“Other trends I love seeing are cheese towers – yum! They never get old. Balloon walls and helium balloons with tassels or greenery have really taken over this year. Couples have ditched overdoing it with flowers and are now decorating their ceremony aisles and dinner centrepieces with balloons or creating huge balloon walls as photo backdrops.

“A new(ish) aspect I am seeing for weddings is women making speeches. More and more I see the bride doing a welcome speech or the bridesmaids getting in on the action which is lovely to see!

“A complete no-no is chair covers, ditch these and use our lovely limewash Chiavari chairs.”

Q. What tips can you give couples in the midst of planning?

A. “I would definitely say not to rush any of your planning! I know the excitement can take over and I am sure everyone is asking you, “Have you booked your venue, have you chosen a caterer, have you got your dress, am I a bridesmaid!?” It can all seem very overwhelming; however, I recommend taking the planning slow, own it and split your tasks within a workable timeframe to ensure you have control over everything.

“Enjoy every aspect of wedding planning and don’t just see it as ticking off a ‘To Do list!’ Remember, this is the most important day of your life and months of planning will turn into one magical day. And when it does seem like a lot to handle, call me, I am there for a reason!”

Bridesmaid dresses
Credit: Gomes Photography

Don’t miss the second part of our interview with Milena, where we discuss 2020 wedding trends, the advice that has made her the planner she is today, and much more. If you’d like to have your wedding at The Brewery, we’d love to help! With six venue spaces, imbued with history and charm, along with our team of chefs and, of course, our fantastic Wedding Planner, we’ll be able to make sure your wedding is the best day of your life.

Using live data to improve your event

Live data can be a valuable asset to event organisers, giving them insights into attendee behaviour that would previously have been inaccessible. Through a variety of tools, from apps to chatbots and everything in between, event organisers can imbue their events with increased personalisation and tailoring to make sure all elements run smoothly.

81 per cent of event professionals say integrating data from attendees’ digital and physical footprints is important and that on-site technologies provide not only act as an analytical tool for organisers, but also make the event a better experience for visitors.

IBM Watson technology conference and exhibition at The Brewery

Collecting the live data

If you want to use live data at your event, the first thing you must do is gather it. There are several ways to do this, from monitoring social media mentions and hashtags (#) of the event and positioning feedback devices around the venue, to use of apps and wearable tech.

Event apps

When organising an event in our technology-saturated world, one of the main focuses should be creating an app to help attendees navigate their day and provide organisers with the data they need to personalise and improve their events.

An app can contain numerous features that allow you to harvest live data, including event agendas, digital passes, chatbots and the ability to poll users.

Social media

Social listening is a fantastic way to harvest live data, especially if the event has a hashtag, since it’s an easy way for attendees to share their thoughts and opinions. Setting up a way to monitor this, whether that’s through a tracking system or by setting up alerts on the event’s social media channels, can be highly valuable because that will give organisers a central place to manage and review all event mentions.

The effectiveness of the tool for event organisers will depend on the theme of the event. For example, the demographic of a festival may lend itself more towards social media interactivity than a business conference, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t still be monitored.

Feedback devices

If you’ve ever seen stands out and about with smiley faces asking you to rate your visit or experience, you have encountered feedback devices. These tools are simple and inobtrusive but allow for organisers to register the sentiment of guests and attendees throughout their event venue, focusing on different locations or specific services.

Wearable tech

By far the most recently developed way of harvesting live data, wearable tech is available in many forms. Entry wristbands are most common, and, as they contain Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chip, they can either be linked to an event app or used in isolation with a social media channel to track attendee behaviour and movements, and the possibility of ticket fraud.

At The Brewery, we have recently begun a new partnership with Visit by GES, who provide Smart Exhibition technology, in the form of their Smart Badges, to help visitors navigate exhibition shows with greater ease and foster richer interactions with exhibitors, content, sessions, and features, all through scanning the ticket.

Technology exhibition at The Brewery

Utilising the live data

Once you’ve decided on the method for acquiring the live data, you can then investigate how you want to use it.

An event agenda allows attendees to book onto talks and presentations enabling organisers to find out how many people want to attend each talk and send attendees notifications when these are about to begin.

Attendees can receive their tickets or passes through the app meaning that organisers can track when a visitor enters and leaves the event. The pass could even be used to check into talks or access services, providing organisers with a map of attendees’ movements around the venue. These types of tracking systems can also help to redistribute guests to avoid big queues at popular locations.

A chatbot could exist in the app to assist with questions from attendees, giving organisers an insight into what needs to be adapted to make the event either run more smoothly or provide more enjoyment to visitors e.g. clearer signposting if many attendees ask where things are.

Polls and questionnaires could be provided during the event, asking visitors to provide feedback on talks, services, and the event in general. These would be especially effective with events spanning over multiple days since the feedback from day one can inform and help to improve the following days.


If you want your event to lean even more towards interactivity, why not consider gamification and create an interactive experience for all your attendees? Use game design concepts to engage your attendees while allowing them to win prizes, enter competitions and score points for their teams.

The live data this produces can be useful to measure not only how involved and engaged your attendees are, but also show what motivates them to play and help you achieve your own event goals. For example, a game where visitors score points for meeting and having conversations with new people can be an effective way to encourage networking.

Embrace live data with The Brewery

If you’re looking for a live data-friendly venue that can help you adapt your event to achieve the data insight, look no further than The Brewery. We can help host your event, using one of our six fantastic spaces, and will be able to assist with implementing any live data collection methods you have, whether that’s through using our fast, unlimited Wi-Fi connections, or through our brand new partnership with Visit by GES, who bring Smart Exhibition technology right to the exhibition floor.

Interactive smart robot

Contact us today to find out how we can help you harness live data at your next event.

The Brewery showcases its catering prowess with al fresco dinner and foraging dessert

On Thursday 31 July, award-winning London events venue The Brewery got the summer season in full swing with a scrumptious evening of feasting and surprises for more than 140 industry professionals.

The Summer Garden Party was a chance for the venue’s food and beverage teams to show their creative flair and use of unusual, seasonal ingredients.

Food director Tom Gore talking through the canape starter

Food director, Tom Gore took attendees on a culinary journey, starting with an al fresco dinner celebrating the best of British produce. The menu consisted of delicious dishes such as:

Artichoke éclairs

Orange meat fruit

Crab terrarium, Japanese custard, cress and coral crisp

Beef and thyme butter with crispy sourdough

Te Mana lamb with summer vegetable garden

Beef butter and sourdough bread by the Brewery chefs

The Brewery’s Beverage Manager, Will Irvine, paired these dishes with a selection of wines from The Brewery’s carefully curated wine lists. With a mixture of Old and New World wines, the canapés and crab were paired with a high end Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and a delicate pink rosé from Provence. The lamb dish was served with the latest addition to The Brewery’s wine list, a fully organic Bordeaux-style red blend from South Africa’s premium wine region, Stellenbosch.

Beverage manager Will briefing the team at The Brewery

For dessert, guests were led down to The Brewery’s Smeaton Vaults to indulge in an edible jungle.

Cocktail fountain in the Smeaton Vaults

With sweet treats hidden amongst trees, chocolate covered bark and a flowing cocktail fountain, people were able to interact with the space whilst enjoying delicious strawberry doughnuts, brownies and fruits.

Finally, guests were led into The Brewery’s newest hide away, The Grubstreet Author, where espresso martinis, amaretto sours and gimlets were served by the talented team of mixologists.

Tom Gore commented: “Since taking our catering capabilities in-house last year, The Brewery’s food and beverage offering has gone from strength to strength. The team and I have enjoyed creating personal menus for all types of events and our Summer Garden Party really gave us the chance to show what we are capable of. It was a delight to see everyone engaging with our garden-themed dinner and foraging dessert experience”.

The benefits of holding a staff summer party

While most businesses now traditionally host an organisation-wide get-together at Christmas, holding a summer party is not something that every company does. However, it’s growing in popularity and when you consider the benefits it’s easy to see why.

Here at The Brewery, each year we host summer parties throughout June, July and August where we are joined by businesses or groups of individuals for a night where they can host clients, reward the hard work of their employees and enjoy some time away from the office. This year our own summer party is themed around a traditional English country garden, an idyllic summer oasis, ready to whisk you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

English Country Garden Summer Party at The Brewery

If you’re not sure whether a summer party is right for your business here are just a few of the benefits:

It’s great for staff bonding

Everyone has a great story to tell from a Christmas party, but with these social events only coming around once a year the bonds and camaraderie that getting together outside of work can fuel peter out as the months roll on. And, let’s face it Christmas is still months away! Nestled beneath the glass roof of our airy courtyard, there’s more than enough time to chat with everyone from all the different teams within the company, reducing distance between departments, and the party can even continue on indoors once the sun sets.

It can boost staff retention

Nowadays, particularly for millennials, workers are looking for great company benefits. Many businesses are pushing the boat out to provide something different and encourage employee loyalty.

Providing an all-expenses paid party is a pat on the back for your employees, recognising the hard work they are doing and rewarding them for it. That recognition won’t be forgotten and long after the tropical shirts have been packed away we are sure the party will still be the talk of the business.

It boosts morale

Busy periods at work are great for the owners as it means more revenue coming in, but for employees the stress and pressure of getting everything done can lead to a drop in morale. Holding a summer party for your employees thanks them for the work they are doing, showing them that it is being recognised and acknowledged.

You can even use a summer party to recognise any specific MVPs – hold an awards ceremony and get creative with the prizes. Think vouchers for summer events or activities, themed gift baskets, or even half-day Fridays for a month if you’re feeling particularly generous!

It’s tax deductible!

OK, so while all of the above sounds great – the money to pay for the party has to come from somewhere. The great news is that some of the expenses are tax deductible. In addition, our pricing scheme for summer parties is clear, easy to follow and unambiguous.

We charge a per person rate either for the main event itself or for the event and after-party, and for that fee everything is included. This means that as soon as you know how many people will be attending, we’ll be able to tally up the final cost for you. There will be no surprises and no costly bar bills to pick up at the end.

Party sizes start at 80 people and are available for up to 800 people, meaning no one will get left out and we have a wide-ranging capacity to suit your requirements. Price per person starts at £95 +VAT and includes a cocktail upon arrival, and unlimited access to beers, wine and soft drinks for three hours until 9pm.

You can promote it across social media

Showing your business out and about and having fun together is great PR for your company, and our summer parties are set to be an Instagram dream. As you walk into the venue, you’ll be greeted by a quintessential English summer garden, perfect for team photos which can be shared throughout the night. Having happy, smiling employees beaming out from your social pages speaks volumes about what a great employer you are.

So, if you’ve been persuaded by the benefits of a summer party for your company, get in touch with us today to find out more and book your organisation into our venue.

And the winner is…

Hopefully The Brewery as this week we have made the shortlist for not one, not two but three industry awards. We’ve got fingers and toes crossed for the ceremony in October when we will be looking to return home triumphantly. We’ve got the champagne on ice, all we need now is an excuse to drink it. Watch this space for the update on how we get on.

The Brewery nominated for two london venue awards
The Brewery nominated for a London Catering Award