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Five things to do as soon as you get engaged

New engagement ring with diamonds

Congratulations if you’re reading this blog because, chances are, you’ve probably just got engaged! Time is going to feel like a bit of a whirlwind in the next few days and months – there’s a lot to do and a lot of people to see. While that could be overwhelming, we’d like to invite you to take a breath and consider just these five things to start you off on your journey towards your wedding to the person you love.

Tell your friends and family

So, there’s a ring on your finger and after the celebrations with your partner, you’re probably bursting to tell your close friends and family about your engagement. While it may be tempting to snap a ring selfie, the last thing you’d want is for your mum to find out about your engagement from someone on Facebook instead of from you herself.

Therefore, make a list with your partner of all the people you’d both like to tell and take a couple of hours to call, Skype or Facetime your loved ones to let them know about the happy event. If your partner has taken the traditional route of asking your parents for their blessing before proposing, you can guarantee that your parents are waiting by the phone for your call.

Ring maintenance

In the next couple of weeks, your hands are going to get a lot of visibility as your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances all want a glimpse of your brand-new engagement ring. In terms of practicality, unless your partner was extremely lucky, or you picked out your ring together, it’s common for there to be some resizing needed. You don’t want it disappearing off your finger because it’s slightly too loose, or for it to be uncomfortably tight.

Also, make sure to add your ring to your insurance policy, or get specific insurance for it. While no one plans to lose their ring, if something were to happen it’s good to make sure the costs are covered.

Finally, and this is definitely a pampering opportunity, why not treat yourself to a manicure? If so many people are going to be admiring your ring, the last thing you want is chipped nail polish to detract from its beauty.

Discuss a wedding budget

While you don’t need to start making any decisions yet, or even start planning much, it’s a good idea to at least have an idea of your budget so you know what kind of wedding you’d like to have.

Understanding what kind of savings you have available, whether you’ll be receiving any help from family members, or even just working out the amount you’d be willing to spend, can help make future planning a lot easier since you already know what you have to work with.

Also, even just discussing a budget with your partner can help you both begin to work out the ideas that you each have and any specific things either person would like to make sure are included in the big day – such as a particular venue, a certain band or a specific menu.

Consider venues

Don’t get worried – like we mentioned above, there’s no need to start actually booking anything yet. However, it is good to have a look around at any venues that you would consider, so that you can understand the capacity of the event space, whether they are registered for ceremonies, what features they offer, and which venues fit within your budget.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in the heart of London that offers first-class cuisine, six different sized event spaces, the ability to host a wedding at the same location, and a skilled wedding planner to help you with the specifics, consider The Brewery. Explore our specialised wedding website, The Proposal, to find out more about what we offer.

Don’t forget to relax

In the face of so much planning and so many decisions, it can be difficult to remember that this is a celebration of your love and commitment to the most special person in your life. For that reason, make sure to take time to just relax and enjoy being engaged before throwing yourself into the wedding planning.

Make time for the two of you – whether that’s a weekend away, an engagement-moon, or a date night out. Do whatever you’d like to spend time with each other, enjoy the excitement of your engagement and look forward to your life together.


With an emphasis on originality, The Brewery is located in the heart of London and boasts a range of unique and adaptable spaces, full of character and each available to host your wedding ceremony and reception. For more information about planning your big day at The Brewery, get in touch with us today.

The Brewery channels 60s Las Vegas with Golden Palms Lounge and Casino Christmas packages

This Christmas The Brewery, on London’s Chiswell Street, invites guests to experience the bright lights of swinging 60’s Las Vegas, as the Golden Palms Lounge and Casino comes to the capital.

The themed packages, for between 40 and 1,000 guests, will transport party goers back to the hay-day of sin city with a glamourous backdrop, dazzling entertainment and a mouth-watering menu to match. Celebrating the grand opening of The Golden Palms Lounge & Casino, guests can sip on cocktails and hit the buffet before retiring to the lounge for an evening of festive celebrations.

Christmas party packages at The Brewery start from £125 +VAT per person and include:

Exclusive room hire

‘Golden Palms’ venue design

Entertainers on arrival

45 min sparkling cocktail reception

3 course meal or buffet with coffee and petit fours

5½ hrs of unlimited house wine, beer and soft drinks

Live band and after-dinner DJ

Complimentary cloakroom

Simon Lockwood, creative director at The Brewery looks forward to opening the Golden Palms: “We pride ourselves on designing and creating a bespoke story for each festive celebration and we’re delighted to be bringing the electric atmosphere of Las Vegas to the capital this winter. We always aim to offer guests something they’ve never seen before, coupled with the consistently high level of service they’ve come to expect from The Brewery and can’t to welcome guests, as we now say, for one month only, Viva Las Vegas!”

For more Christmas package information visit:

6 unique giveaways to put in your event goody bags

An event goody bag with name tagGiveaways are not only always well received at events, but are also a valuable marketing tool if chosen well. Gift your attendees with something that is perfectly suited to your target audience, and it will forever act as a constant reminder of both your company and your event.

That being said, it’s no secret that the more traditional giveaway items such as pens and USBs are proving a little tired. If you’re looking to excite your guests with your giveaways, here’s our advice on how to provide some seriously impressive swag at your next event!

1.      Virtual gifts

If you’re on the lookout for a relatively new idea, why not consider virtual goodies to give to your attendees? Guests who have travelled far to get to your event will appreciate this space-saving concept, as they won’t need to carry cumbersome gifts around whilst at the event or travelling home. Virtual gifts also offer a great opportunity to promote your sponsors, as well as any products you are marketing. Why not provide e-gift cards, ebooks, apps or gift codes – and don’t forget to explain exactly what the gift is and how to redeem it!

2.      Reusable bottles

As you’re probably aware, plastic bottles and other types of single-use plastic are posing a massive threat to the environment, and in the UK over 35 million bottles are used every day! As people become more aware of this issue, reusable bottles are quickly gaining popularity, and make a savvy and eco-friendly choice for your next event goody bag. An affordable giveaway that is practical, kind to the environment, and can be branded however you wish, they are an excellent choice for a giveaway and are sure to go down well at your event. Why not enhance the guest experience and fill them with drinks so they are ready to use straight away?

3.      Unique snacks and treats

Here at The Brewery, we love food, and know just how powerful it can be to boost engagement at a conference or event. Rather than just providing a branded tin of mints, think outside the box and provide something to get your guests talking. As well as creating a conversation starter, providing a tasty treat will always go down well with a crowd of hungry conference-goers!

4.      Device chargers

If you’re familiar with organising events, you’ll know all too well just how much attendees depend on their phones throughout the event. Whether checking their emails, tweeting, making notes, or looking up their schedule for the day, it’s likely that their batteries will almost be drained by the time lunch is served. Give out phone chargers, and you’ll be popular with your guests! This means your attendees can engage even more at your event by staying connected, and they’ll undoubtedly use the charger again after the event has finished, so they’ll be reminded of your brand long after the event has come to an end.

5.      Seasonal items

Seasonality is unique in goody bags, because let’s face it, it can be expensive to order items that might not be used all year round. However, because seasonal items are so rare, it could be that the investment pays off if you opt for them in your swag bags. For example, if you’re hosting an event in the summer, you could provide your guests with bright flip flops and beach towels. Sure, these might not be used whilst at the conference, but think about the exposure your brand will get when these get used at the beach, or on holiday – who knows which country they will end up in!

6.      T Shirts

T Shirts will always be popular swag items at events. Think about it – how many times have you seen free T Shirts and not picked one up? However, think twice before simply printing T Shirts with your logo. Who will really wear that? Spend a little more money on getting good quality T Shirts and consider the print carefully. Think about the audience who will be attending and what sort of design they would appreciate – how about a catchy slogan, quote or a stunning design? The possibilities are endless!


When it comes to putting together your event giveaways, you should put in as much thought as you would when coming up with your marketing strategy. The underlying reason to providing something in a goodie bag is not just to offer a freebie, it’s to connect with your audience and making their lives a little better.

If you’re looking for the perfect venue to hold your next event, consider The Brewery. Located in the heart of London, it’s ideal whether you’re hosting a small meeting, or a conference for up to 1,000 people. Get in touch with us today to find out more!

How is artificial intelligence impacting the events industry?

Artificial intelligence is a growing technological advancement in an increasingly digital world, one that makes a huge number of things possible that weren’t previously. In the coming years, it’ll be hard to find an industry which doesn’t include some form of AI and the events industry is no different.

However, before you jump on the AI bandwagon, it’s important to figure out what aspects of the technology will actually benefit your events and what it will be able to solve. The role of AI is primarily that of a problem-solver, enhancing business processes so that you can make experiences even better for your customers.

Find out some of the ways that you can use AI, in 2018 and beyond, to benefit your events business.

Personalisation and recommendations

When attending a large-scale event, many attendees want to know which of the exhibitors, attendees and products they should prioritise. While previously attendees would fill out a manual form with their interests and hopefully be matched to the appropriate attendees and exhibitors, this was not only often ineffective but also tedious and expensive for the planners of the event.

In comparison, using an AI matchmaking engine can be a lifesaver in these situations. Not only are they able to use and interpret data from social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so that they can find out the relevant interests of your attendees, they can also learn from the recommendations they have made – attendees can schedule meetings or highlight their disinterest in the recommendations – so that they can improve the experience next time.

Find out more about the potential of AI matchmaking for events by exploring one of the systems on offer – Grip.

Increase communication options

If you’re running an event but getting sidetracked by questions coming from your attendees or guests, you may want to consider something that takes the onus of answering all their queries or doubts out of your hands.

An AI run chatbot could be the solution to your communication problem. Not only can you design and develop a chatbot specifically for your event, chatbots are also tireless and can communicate efficiently with your attendees, making sure they receive the information and answers that they’re looking for.

Since chatbots don’t need an app or a website login to be accessed, your attendees can simply be signposted to from your event webpage or through any email communications. They are also able to personalise conversations through learning from previous interactions.

Improving translation

In previous years, an international event could cause translation issues. However, the development of artificial intelligence could make those problems a thing of the past.

Instead of human translators, a number of companies have been developing artificial intelligence translators which will be able to act as rudimentary translation devices, sometimes even functioning through headphones – such as Google Pixel Buds. While the cultural nuances of translation will mean that more complex translation may still need human translators, this new tool will greatly influence the events industry as it continues to expand its use.

Improve the ease of attending an event

If you’re running a large event with a few thousand attendees, the idea of organising ticket queues and check-in areas may fill you with dread. However, with new developments in AI, long waiting lines and delays could be eradicated, simply by bringing all ticketing out of paper and into data.

Using both AI and biometrics, facial recognition software will be able to speed up the check-in process exponentially since it can authenticate attendees and grant them access to the venue much quicker than a manual check in. While not yet available for the events industry, a number of companies are interested in developing such a system to make attendance much more streamlined.


If you’re looking for a unique, central venue in the heart of London which is suitable for events, both large or small, consider The Brewery. With our IT and audio-visual services, we’ll be happy to help you accommodate any AI technologies you’d like to use for the planning and organising of your event.

How to theme your corporate event

With so many corporate events in your attendees’ busy diaries, it’s important to make yours stand out from the rest. If you’re racking your brains trying to think of the best way to attract guests to your event, a theme may be the answer.

Sure, a themed event is nothing new, but get it right and you’ll not only attract high numbers, but you’ll elevate your brand too. A theme will give your event some structure, inspire your guests, encourage them to share their experience on social media, and ensure your event is truly memorable. Here’s how to set the perfect theme for your next corporate event.

Set your goals

Before making any big decisions, think carefully about the purpose of your event. What are your goals? Brainstorm with your team and consider exactly what you want to achieve, whether that be attracting new clients, or bringing together international teams. Are you rewarding your employees, or hosting for investors? All of these answers will help you decide what kind of vibe you’re going for, and which theme would best achieve this.

Remind yourself of your brand values

The first place to take inspiration from should always be your own brand. When you’re considering a theme, keep your brand values at the forefront of your mind. Does this theme reflect what your brand stands for?

Define your audience

You can’t pull off a good theme without a willing audience, so take a long hard look at your guest list. What is your main age group? Will this be a family event? Are you hosting for clients? Where are people travelling from? If you have had similar events in the past, this would be a good point to look back at feedback to get a better idea of what your audience want from an event.

Get inspiration from your venue

If you’ve already started planning your event, it’s likely that picking a venue was the first task on your list. A great way to pick a theme is to be led by your venue – not only will it keep the theme consistent, but a lot of the work will already be done for you! Think outside the box and consider unique, historic venues that could really enhance your theme, or industrial spaces that could be a blank canvas.

Don’t hold back!

The theme of an event should be obvious from the very moment your guests step through the door. This means paying plenty of attention to every single detail to make sure your guests are impressed. From décor, dress code, lighting, food and music – there’s simply no point in theming an event unless you can be consistent throughout and ‘wow’ your attendees. Opting for an event venue with their own Event Design team is a sure-fire way of ensuring your venue is transformed exactly how you imagined.

Excellent quality Corporate event menu items

Match the food

As we’ve already mentioned, your theme should run through every single part of your event – and food is an area which certainly shouldn’t be neglected. Choose a venue that it willing to serve a bespoke menu designed particularly for the event, after all, a standard buffet just won’t cut it if you’re going all-out with décor! Try reflecting your theme in your bar menu too – nothing tops off a theme quite like a couple of themed cocktails for your guests to choose from.


If you’re looking for a unique venue in the heart of London which is suitable for corporate events large or small, consider The Brewery. Along with our expert knowledge and experience, we boast award-winning chefs and a dedicated Event Design team who can help you transform our beautiful venue into whatever you imagine, whether that be a winter wonderland or masquerade ball! Want to find out more? Contact us today!

Getting the numbers right for your party or event

When organising an event or party, the first big hurdle is finding the perfect venue. While your search criteria might initially focus on how the venue looks and what services it offers, it’s important to also make sure you consider capacity so that you can fall in love with a venue that can also accommodate everyone you want to attend.

There are a number of things you need to consider with regards to capacity when planning for any event, small or large.

Capacity of the event venue

Whether the number on your guest list is single, double or even triple figures, you’ll need to make sure that your chosen event venue is suited to both your event and to making your attendees comfortable and able to enjoy whatever’s planned.

There are two options available when choosing a venue for an event where you are anticipating a large number of attendees. You can choose the venue first – for example, you could choose the Queen Charlotte room at The Brewery, which has a capacity of 160 guests (for a banquet) – and then fit your guest list around the 160 capacity that the room offers.

Or, you could set out your guest list first and then find a venue that fits the number of people you’d like to include. This way of doing things, while it can ensure that you’re able to have everyone at your event, can complicate choosing a venue since you’ll be limited in what you can look for.

While finding a venue for a smaller number, such as an anniversary party with less than 100 attendees or an exclusive business dinner, is likely to be less of a struggle, it’s no less important to find one that fits perfectly for your occasion. Choosing a venue that has a much larger capacity than your number of guests can lead to the event feeling either empty or lacking in atmosphere. Opting for  a venue that allows for a slightly higher number of guests than you want to invite can result in a relaxed and spacious affair.

Catering services

When planning an event, it’s important to remember that food is one of the most important aspects of the occasion. With this in mind, whether an event venue can provide catering services for your event, especially if you are inviting a large number of attendees, will be a key factor in which venue you choose.

If you’re thinking of having a sit-down meal, such as for a wedding reception or a business conference, you’ll need to make sure that the venue can cater for any dietary requirements your guests have, as well as providing a variety of food – no easy feat when you have a large number of attendees. In comparison, if you’re considering more of a buffet style menu, you’ll need to make sure that the venue can provide enough food for all your guests, or you’ll need to look for a separate caterer.

At The Brewery, we’re able to cater to all types of events and parties, creating a menu that will be tailored to your personal event with bespoke dishes and a sumptuous selection of flavours. No matter the size of your party, we’re more than happy to create a menu for all your guests. Find out more about the food and drink we can offer here.

Space for your event

The final big number cruncher when it comes to planning an event is making sure that each of your guests have space at the event you’re planning, whether a conference or wedding, and that means making sure they’re all seated when they need to be seated or able to be involved in any activities you’re planning without it feeling crowded.

While the capacity of your event venue will play a big part in this aspect of planning, it’s also important to make sure that you’re aware of how your event is going to unfold. Know in advance, before you look for a venue, what the plan of your event is going to be – are there going to be people moving around? Will there need to be space for tables and chairs? Are there going to be any entertainment features that require space?

In understanding these requirements, you’ll be able to pick a venue that not only has 500 capacity for your wedding guests, but also a little bit more so that you can all fit on the dance floor later in the night.


At The Brewery, we have a number of different venue spaces, ranging from 1000 capacity to an intimate 75 guest capacity, meaning that we can help you find the perfect space for your event. If you’d like to hold your event here, get in touch and we can help you sort out all the details.

Celebrate the summer in a traditional English garden

With the glorious weather upon us, there’s no better place to enjoy the sunshine than out in the garden. If you’re looking for a location to truly celebrate the summer, why not join us in our own personal courtyard garden at The Brewery for a summer party?

Our large, open courtyard is the ideal location for our parties, and like previous years, we’ll be welcoming our guests under the cover of a stunning glass marquee. We love nothing more than celebrating the summer at The Brewery so to help us really get in the swing of this season, our summer party venue has become a quintessential English country garden.

The Brewery Summer Garden Party

When you enter the marquee, you’ll be transported to an idyllic English garden. The space is filled with gorgeous foliage, from planters with lush plants and a wisteria-covered ceiling, to the abundance of summer flowers adding bursts of beautiful colour. The space will transport you away from the bustling London streets into a summer oasis right in the heart of the city.

Outside view of the Brewery Summer Party Venue in London

Our parties are already up and running, with a number of companies already having celebrated the summer in this lush and luxurious space. Why not join them and treat your teams to a garden party to remember?

Or if you’ve already booked, we hope you’re looking forward to your summer party at The Brewery. Here’s a little teaser of what to expect…

On arrival to our beautifully-blooming marquee, guests will be greeted with a cocktail. Our talented chefs will lay out a feast of a BBQ, accompanied by unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks to take you all the way to 9pm as the sun begins to set. As the night draws in, head inside The Brewery and carry on your party well into the night.

And don’t worry if the sunshine should fail to make an appearance, our glass roof will shelter you from the outside world so that you can continue your party without interruption.

If you’ve not yet sorted out the details of your company summer party, there’s still time to book at The Brewery. Ideal for companies of any size, all-inclusive packages are available for parties from 80-100. If you’d like to find out more about our 2018 summer parties, get in touch with us today – the marquees will be in place until the end of August!

The Brewery and Speakers Corner rip up the rule book at Knowledge Guild

On Monday evening, The Brewery and Speakers Corner welcomed more than 200 event professionals and entrepreneurs to the summer 2018 Knowledge Guild showcase. The latest installment in the popular series delved into how social change is affecting politics, equality, the workplace, the environment, brand interaction and customer transactions.

Titled “Putting Meaning Into Life: How generations are ripping up the rule book”, the event was compered by Georgie Barrat, presenter of The Gadget Show, who was joined by an impressive line-up of speakers to discuss how millennials and generation Z are challenging us in new ways.

Professor Noreena Hertz explored the science and statistics behind these generational changes and educated the audience on Generation K (those born between 1994 and 2003). Shockingly, she commented that 60% of people over 40 trust big corporations to do the right thing, whereas only 6% of Generation K do. Noreena focused on what these young people value the most, from equality to climate change, and how employers can ensure that they create a motivating work environment for this generation.

Sam Conniff, an award-winning social entrepreneur, helped us understand why there are such dramatically changing outlooks amongst young people by introducing attendees to his new book, Be More Pirate. He highlighted that “change-making is trouble-making”, encouraging future generations to challenge conventions and look to the examples set by  every single statue in Parliament Square, who were all notable rule breakers.

Last to take to the stage was Johnny Cupcakes who explained how to capture the imagination of future generations and create meaningful connections with consumers. He told the audience about the story behind his ground-breaking t-shirt brand and how future minds need to use creative thinking to invent brand experiences that last. Ultimately, he inspired delegates to “do more of what makes you happy”.

At the end of all Knowledge Guild events, guests and speakers shared stories during a Q&A session. Before and after the panel session, attendees networked in The Brewery’s outdoor summer oasis, complete with two luxury marquees. Guests also enjoyed a drinks reception and a bowl food menu, designed by The Brewery especially for the event. Dishes included tuna tacos with smoked salt guacamole, tequila atomiser and lotus crisp and Cornish crab doughnuts with lemon aioli.

The Knowledge Guild is a partnership between The Brewery and Speakers Corner, offering a mixture of world-class speakers and exceptional individuals discussing pertinent topics in a panel discussion.

How to choose your wedding flowers

An incredible wedding flower display

Whether you choose simple button holes, or want to decorate your entire venue with blooms, flowers will more than likely play an important part on your wedding day. Able to transform a space, add colour, or become part of a theme that runs throughout your wedding, flowers are not only a traditional part of a wedding, but can also be used in so many ways to add a touch of personality to your day.

With so many beautiful varieties of flowers and an abundance of suppliers, and of course an endless stream of images and ideas online, choosing your wedding flowers can feel like a daunting task.

Here’s our guide on picking the perfect flowers for your wedding day.

When are you getting married?

Once you have a date set for your wedding, you can start slimming down the options for your wedding flowers, as seasonal flowers will not only look better and be of better quality, but will be a lot cheaper too. If you have a florist, talk to them about the best flowers available at the time of your wedding.

For example, peonies are in season in the UK from mid-May to early July but would have to be shipped in from elsewhere if you are getting married outside of the British summertime. Likewise, hyacinths, orchids and roses can be in season in the UK throughout the winter months.

What is the theme of your wedding?

It’s important to consider the theme of your wedding before you start looking at flowers or talking to your florist, as generally your flowers should reflect the style of the day. For example, light coloured blooms mixed with lush greenery and roses would be perfect for a romantic, ‘fairytale’ wedding, whilst a mix of brights add a modern pop of colour to a more contemporary theme.

The way in which the flowers are arranged also contribute to the style and theme of the wedding. Whilst lush arrangements of big, soft blooms are romantic and whimsical, cleaner and more minimalistic arrangements appear more modern. If you’re having a formal wedding, neater and more traditional flowers would be a good choice, but a more relaxed day would call for looser arrangements that are mis-matched for a more casual look.

What’s your colour scheme?

If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to selecting your wedding flowers, your colour scheme can be a good place to start. There are some flowers such as dahlias, carnations, roses and tulips which are available in a range of colours, whilst blooms such as peonies and hydrangeas are a bit more limited in their colour range.

Your wedding flowers don’t have to be an exact match to the rest of your décor, but you should certainly try to pick shades which will complement it. Consider the colours used throughout the wedding, from the invitations through to the table linen and bridesmaid dresses and take a few swatches or photographs with you when you meet your florist.

Simple, beautiful wedding flowers on table at The Brewery

What would work in your venue?

Your wedding venue automatically sets the tone for your big day, so choosing flowers to complement the space is a brilliant way to make sure the theme is consistent. Weddings taking place in grand venues may call for lavish arrangements of roses, orchids and flowering branches in timeless shades of white and ivory. More rustic settings, such as barns, often suit a more ‘boho’ approach, so consider a more garden-inspired look with crates of pretty, wild flowers.

Think about the characteristics of your venue, too. Beams can be decorated with vines and foliage, and if your venue has candelabras they can be adorned with blooms. If you have opted to have your ceremony in a large room with high ceilings, it’s a good idea to fill the space with large arrangements that won’t get lost, whereas ceremonies taking place in a registry office will need to be much smaller, and easy to install and take down in a short time.

If in doubt, chat to your venue about what flowers have worked well in the past, and you may get some inspiration from discussing some the weddings they have held there previously. No one will know what works best in their venue than the venue themselves, so ask them as many questions as you can before making the appointment with your florist.

Here at The Brewery, we work closely with florists at Hybrid, a London based studio with a fantastic reputation for their innovative floral design. Before creating your bespoke wedding package, our wedding planner will listen to your individual requirements and can source anything from flowers to entertainment.

With an emphasis on originality, The Brewery is located in the heart of London and boasts a range of unique and adaptable spaces, full of character and each available to host your wedding ceremony and reception. For more information about planning your big day at The Brewery, get in touch with us today.

4 things to consider when planning an international event

Despite the digital age we live in, face-to-face conferences and events still bring in attendees and speakers from all over the globe and, if anything, the digital landscape makes it easier than ever to bring in international crowds. Though attracting attendees from around the world is possible, organising an international event comes with its challenges. Here are four things to consider when planning an international event.

1. Timing is key

When organising a local event, it’s easy to take things for granted. If you’re planning an international event, you may be faced with a few hurdles. Allow extra time that may be needed to tackle language barriers (you may need to translate contracts, negotiations and paperwork), and remember that some countries may move at a different pace to what you’re used to. Think about timing when it comes to your attendees too – they will need extra time to sign up for an event overseas, so open registration as early as possible.


2.      Location is very important!

As tempting as it may be to host your international event in an up and coming location in an emerging market, choosing a venue which is both well connected and affordable to travel to will ensure you attract good numbers. Consider a venue close to an international airport, as well as train stations for those travelling from less further afield. It’s important that your chosen venue has plenty of hotels and restaurants within a walking distance – put yourself in their shoes and consider what you’d find useful after hours of travelling!

Make the journey as hassle free as possible – with the events industry thriving, your guests are likely to have a busy schedule, so don’t put them off your event by hosting it in a venue which is challenging to reach. To elevate any stress that might come with travelling, consider providing your attendees with a travel checklist, any information about local laws and customs, and use an app to keep them updated with travel updates and flight information.

3. Offer something special

As we’ve previously mentioned, the events industry is booming, and your attendees will no doubt have plenty to pick and choose from. Therefore, it’s important that you’re offering as much value as possible, especially if attending means travelling from overseas.

Invest in key influencers to pull in crowds and invite speakers from a range of backgrounds to cover a variety of issues. Don’t just stick to big name keynote speakers – think about other areas such as marketing, media experts and investors too. These days, people are looking for more value from events than ever before. Be forward-thinking and think about holding workshops, networking sessions and ensure your attendees are connecting.

4. Plan your schedule carefully

When planning your event schedule, take into account where your attendees are travelling from. It’s a good idea to start your event the day after their arrival to give them a chance to rest and settle into their surroundings after what may have been a long journey. Arrange a casual gathering such as a cocktail hour at a hotel where your guests can attend if they would like, network, get in the spirit, and retire to their room when they feel like it.

On the day, or days, of your event, a staggered, mixed schedule is best. Break the agenda into a morning session with a mid-morning break, followed by a lunch break and an afternoon session with another break mid-afternoon.

When it comes to serving meals, be considerate of where your guests originate. For example, in South Europe and the Middle East, dinners are not usually served before 8pm, and leisurely lunches are more leisurely than they are in the USA or Asia.


If you’re looking for a dedicated event venue in which to host an international event, take a look at what The Brewery has to offer. Our beautiful, historical venue in the heart of London offers so much more than your typical events venue. Just a 15- minute walk from thriving Shoreditch and less than 10 minutes from Liverpool Street, Moorgate and Barbican underground stations, The Brewery is within easy reach of transport links and we’re proud to provide exquisite food and drink, exceptional technology throughout, and plenty of nearly accommodation.

To find out more about hosting an international event at The Brewery, get in touch today.