5 Ideas to help break the ice at your event

Networking is crucial to any business event. Connecting with valuable contacts and like-minded people at a conference or event is often viewed as being equally important as the event itself. When planning an event, it’s important to not leave such opportunities to chance. In today’s digital world, face-to-face interaction can feel a little daunting. While putting your plans in place, it’s a good idea to have this in mind, and make sure that you actively facilitate these valuable networking opportunities for your attendees to make the whole process feel a little less awkward. Here is our guide on how to encourage networking and break the ice at your next event…

1. Get digital

If you want your participants to use your event as a prime networking opportunity, get them talking a few months beforehand. Create an online community to allow your guests to connect virtually – whether that be in a forum, app or LinkedIn group. Not only can your attendees use this as an opportunity to connect and get chatting with the relevant contacts ahead of your event, but you can use this online space as a means of promoting your event, too.

2. Consider your space

A well-considered space is vital when encouraging your guests to mingle. Before booking your event space, ensure that there is enough room for dedicated breakout areas. These areas are incredibly important, designed to spark conversations in a ‘natural’ environment. Try to create areas within the event space which will naturally encourage delegates to gather, and think about the placement of furniture.  Offer plenty of comfortable seating, and create different areas to accommodate different needs. At The Brewery, neither size or layout is an issue. The flexible setup of our conference venue means you can link spaces, or use different rooms as breakout areas around a main space.

3. Simplify your name badges

Though a seemingly obvious pointer, it’s astounding how often name badges become a hindrance when it comes to breaking the ice at an event. Ensure both the name and company name is large and legible, even at a distance, so that introductions are as natural as possible. If you’re using an app for your event, you could even include QR codes on the name badges to save an exchange of business cards.

4. Organise some activities

Despite your best efforts, it’s not unusual to discover your attendees using their spare time in- between talks at business events to check their emails rather than talking amongst themselves. With a bit of pre-planning, this can be easily avoided by arranging a few activities to keep your guests engaged and the conversation flowing. There are plenty of options here depending on how creative you want to get, but any activity that encourages your guests to team up and work together will work well. Competitions, contests and quizzes are great for breaking the ice, but you could also consider a slightly more formal approach, with organised talks by industry leaders, table-top discussion topics, or posters in breakout areas with questions related to the theme of your event. Why not organize an early-morning or lunchtime workshop to get your attendees geared up for the day ahead?


5. Provide food and drink

There’s no easier method to encourage people to gather in one area than to lay on some food and drink. Probably one of the most effective ways to facilitate networking, providing food and drink gives your delegates a reason to stay in one area and open up some conversation in a relaxed and informal space.  Here at The Brewery we know that food plays a big part in your event, and have a passionate team of chefs who will design and create a menu to suit both your corporate event and a wide range of palettes- sure to create a talking point for your guests!

If you’re on the lookout for a venue for your business event or conference, The Brewery couldn’t be better suited. Our unique venue is a talking point in itself and offers all you need to accommodate a great event with plenty of opportunities for your guests to network. To find out more about hiring our event space, get in touch.


5 Tips for playing music at your corporate event


Think of corporate events, and music may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, parties aren’t the only events which come alive with the addition of music- whether that be a DJ, a live performance, or a playlist. All business events, from awards dinners to conferences can benefit from a well-considered soundtrack to set the mood- whatever that mood may be!

Here are some points to take into consideration when choosing the music for your business event.

Keep it subtle

At a business event, background music tends to work best. You’ll want your guests to hardly notice the music so that it doesn’t become a distraction and discourage social interaction, but manages to smooth over any busy background noise. Instrumental music works particularly well at business events, enhancing the atmosphere and providing the perfect transition during breaks and pauses in the line-up.

Set the tone

Music doesn’t just make for great entertainment- it also helps to influence people’s behaviour. Varying types and genres of music don’t just encourage people to move and act differently, but can also alter people’s perceptions of situations. Loud, fast-paced music makes people move faster, while gentle, slow-paced music makes people slow down.

Before you pick your soundtrack, decide whether you want your event to buzz with excitement, or be a more relaxed environment for your attendees.  Are you hoping to increase sales at your event with impulsive and spur-of-the-moment purchases, or encourage your attendees to listen attentively to talks? Perhaps you want to boost the confidence and mood of your audience?

Addressing how you want your guests to act and feel at your event could enable you to create the perfect playlist.

Consider your event space

It goes without saying that music being played in a small lobby will sound completely different to how it sounds in a great hall with high ceilings. Before your event, test the volume of the music in all areas of your venue, bearing in mind the footfall you’re expecting and the activities that will be taking place in each room. You’ll need to ensure that the levels aren’t too high and piercing, and that volumes are adjusted according to the size of the space.

Keep the music on-brand

Every good brand is built on passion, and music is no different. Regardless of the genre, passion can be heard and felt though the artists, which is why music can so easily evoke inspiration when paired with a brand at an event. Whether it’s your brand or a brand you’re working with, make sure your playlist reflects the personality and identity of the brand in question. Music is an extremely emotive medium- your guests may relate a song with your brand for years after your event, so choose wisely!

Choose a great sound system

You may have chosen the perfect playlist for your event, but use the wrong sound system and you might as well not play music at all! The sound system will be a key component for your event- not only for music, but for speeches and announcements too.

Most venues already have sound systems installed, but if not, you’ll need to let a supplier know the number of attendees you’re expecting, the floorplan of the venue and the room layout to ensure they can provide the best sound quality for your event.

Here at The Brewery, we have been partnered with AVC Live since 2013. Armed with both the knowledge of The Brewery’s layout as well as AVC’s advanced technical knowhow, we can create exceptional audio-visual design, tailor-made to suit your event.

If you’re looking for an event space and an outstanding audio-visual setup, whether it is for a conference, award dinner, a product launch, or any other event, make an enquiry today.

IMEX Blog: How VR is changing the face of the events industry

Ahead of her trip to IMEX 2017 Victoria Bell, business development executive, at The Brewery discusses how VR is moving from the world of science fiction into the real world and what this means for event professionals everywhere.

Most people will agree that when it comes to business, face-to-face interaction simply can’t be beaten. However, in a globally connected world, that simply isn’t always feasible. Rather than settling for more traditional forms of communication, Virtual Reality (VR) is creating the next best thing by immersing users in a virtually constructed replica of the real world. In Lehman’s terms, this means virtual venue tours, virtual venue styling and eventually, perhaps, even the first virtual event!

Starting at the very beginning of event planning, imagine conducting site visits in Beijing, Paris and New York all on your lunch break and from your office in Las Vegas. As is usually the result of new technology, it begins simply by saving us time and eventually expands to changing the way we live.

The technology requires a headset and ranges from the super simple Google Cardboard, which utilises a smartphone device, all the way to Samsung’s Gear VR which includes an inbuilt screen powered by Oculus. Having recently launched our own virtual reality venue tour, we can attest to its benefits having already seen a 20% increase in global business as a result.

Our new venue tour allows users to instantly jump into the virtually constructed grounds of The Brewery and navigate through all the venues spaces from your smartphone. Upon putting the headset on, users will be met with a high-definition, 360 degree view of the venue and can navigate the spaces via an interactive menu controlled solely by looking at a series of virtual tabs and pointers.

Although VR tours are impressive, what’s truly exciting is the future capabilities of virtual and augmented reality technology. The buzzword of the last few years, personalisation really comes into its own with virtual reality. Imagine tailoring an event to each individual in attendance, curating what they see when they walk in to a venue, what elements of an event are stressed and who they are connected with.

This could mean highlighting guests who have similar business interests at a networking event or virtual signage and directions to a specific stand at an exhibition, making the entire experience feel more personal and custom-made. Good events tell a story while creating a shared experience for attendees, and through VR, this is exactly what event organisers are set to be able to do.

By taking the first steps into the world of VR, our new virtual venue tour is our promise to stay at the cutting edge of event technology. The Brewery already has a well established reputation for state-of-the-art facilities and, as we introduce the next phase in technological advancement, we will ensure that we continue to be at the forefront of an every-changing industry.

How to keep your attendees entertained


If you’re holding a corporate event, you want to make sure that your attendees are having a good time. Step away from the stereotype of corporate events being boring or unengaging and bring some fun into the day with these exciting, out-of-the-box ideas to keep your guests wide-awake and entertained!

Make them curious

Don’t give away all your secrets at the beginning of the event. Start the event by hinting at things that will be discussed or activities that will happen later in the day but don’t give too much away.  You could even make the mystery a feature in itself, with attendees trying to guess who your speakers may be, what activities they may be doing, what subjects may be talked about, either on social media or in person.

If you want to get people even more motivated to involve themselves in the speculation, try offering prizes for correctly working out the agenda of the day.

Social media interaction

Social media is a key part of any event nowadays and there’s no reason why this can’t be used to your advantage in keeping attendees entertained. If you’re wondering how to make your event more social media friendly, check out our blog on making an event Instagram-worthy.

For overarching social media inclusion for your event, the most important things to remember are hashtags for the event, engagement from the company accounts and photo opportunities. Something like a photobooth is an entertaining and engaging way for attendees to document their attendance and have some fun with their friends and colleagues.

Music and visuals

Music is often considered a stimulus, raising the heart rate and keeping people alert. We recommend using music at your events, as either a soundtrack or a feature of the day, but don’t just let the music fade into the background. If there is any sort of performance element to your event, why not pair it with some fantastic visuals to really capture people’s attention, engage and entertain them.

At The Brewery, our intelligent LED lighting systems in our venue rooms mean that the displays can be paired with any music you want and can create fantastic visuals to astound your guests. Find out more about our audio-visual systems here.


Get them involved

There’s nothing that helps audience engagement and enjoyment more than getting people involved in fun activities or team building exercises. Including hands-on activities during the course of the day will break up any long periods of sitting still and listening to speakers, and give your attendees time to move around, socialise and enjoy themselves.

Some examples of activities you could create – icebreakers where attendees have to guess previous jobs that colleagues have done, investigations around the venue, and whatever else you can come up with! While there are factors to consider, such as the number of people involved, there’s no limit to what activities could be presented.


Popular culture inclusion

It’s always good to make sure a speech or presentation stays up to date with the latest industry news and advancements from your business sector, and the same can be said for popular culture references. While a bad or outdated reference can sometimes provide amusement, make sure to engage your audience with current references, whether it’s a chart-topping song, a celebrity that has recently been in the news, an awards event or a new film or tv show.

These little references will do more than just emphasise that you’re aware of the world around you. They’ll provide opportunities for people to talk and remember information because of the associations you provide.

If you’re looking to hold a corporate event, why not take a look at what The Brewery has to offer. With our range of facilities, technology and rooms, we can help make your event entertaining and engaging for all your attendees.

How to brand your corporate event


Running a corporate event is a big commitment for a business. You want people to leave the event, not only having enjoyed it, but also wanting to know more about your company or having more of an appreciation for it. There are many ways you can do this but we’ve chosen a few of the best ones to make your brand stand out at your event.


Social media has become a huge part of publicising and attending events. People want to check into places on Facebook or use a hashtag for their photos and posts on Instagram or Twitter. Therefore, as the company running the event, providing those prompts are vitally important for getting your brand out there.

For more information about making your event socially engaging, take a look at our blog about making your venue Instagram-worthy.


Logos are an endless source of branding opportunity as they can be added to many different aspects of an event. If food is being served, add the logo to any napkins, tablecloths, or plastic glasses. If not, water bottles and snack bars can also be branded with a logo.

Decorations can be branded too; balloons, bunting and signs are just a few of the options available. However, if the event requires more subtlety, using the colours of the logo as a colour scheme for decorations can also work well. If you’re holding your event at The Brewery, the LED light systems available in some of our rooms will enable you to add a delicate hue of your brand colours to the room itself.

If there are speakers at the event, the stage, lectern, and presentation slides can be tailored to display the logos of the company involved.

Through The Brewery’s in-house partnership with AVC Live, we’re also able to offer high quality audio-visual branding opportunities using the traditional features of our venue and rooms.

Food and drink

There’s nothing stopping the food at a corporate event from being just as customisable as the rest of the venue. Add a company logo to the icing of cupcakes or theme the courses of the meal around locations where the company is based, or the colours of the branding.

If you want to go even further, why not create a cocktail for the event which is personalised to the company or branding scheme? Have it reflect the colour scheme of the logo, or maybe some of the core values of the company itself, such as through the shape of the glass, the tailoring of the ingredients, and of course, the name of the drink.

Goodie bags

Everybody loves to leave an event with something to take home and that’s a perfect opportunity to publicise your brand outside and after the event. The bag itself can be customised and printed to display a logo of your company and the colour of the bag can also be tailored to reflect your brand. A good quality tote bag, not plastic, with a nice, subtle design, will be much more likely to be reused.

Similarly, the contents of the bag could also be customised. Popular choices for goodie bag fillers include boiled sweets with the logo of the company set inside them, company products, and useful items that people would want to keep, such as pens, bottle openers, umbrellas, post-it notes, or even portable chargers.

The key thing with goodie bags is to know your audience and tailor the contents and bag style to appeal to them. Also, it definitely depends on the event itself as to whether a goodie bag would be appropriate.


One subtle way to include branding in an event is through the clothing that staff are given to wear. The staff will be integrated into the event and therefore part of the branding available to publicise the company involved. If their uniform is branded with the company logo, it is a sure-fire way to get the logo noticed, even just at a glance.

If you’re looking to host a corporate event, The Brewery is perfectly outfitted to accommodate all specifications regarding branding your event. Take a look at our website to find out more.

5 ways to make your event Instagram worthy


Social media is still on the rise and with it comes publicity and advertising. If you’re holding a corporate event this year, social media is the perfect opportunity to capitalise on the visibility you’ll gain, especially the popular photo sharing app, Instagram. In this article, we’ll reveal some secrets about how to make your event Instagram-worthy to encourage photo taking and sharing.

Designated photo opportunities

The best way to encourage taking photographs is to provide an opportunity for them. Upon entering your event space, a colourful branded backdrop – almost like a red-carpet walkway – is the first thing guests will see, and the first thing they will want to take a picture of so they can check into the event. Adding something a little unique or unusual to the wall, such as a three-dimensional aspect like flowers, will also help it stand out and provide a photo opportunity.

Other dedicated photo zones around the event will also help people feel like they can be ‘Instagramming’ their day. Props such as frames to hold, with the branding on the frame, or an event themed object, are great fun to have- people will want to take a photo of themselves there, especially if other people are too.

Event hashtag

Hashtags are often considered of paramount importance on social media so if you really want your event to create a presence on Instagram, you have to choose the hashtag yourself. Otherwise, guests will assign their own personal hashtags to the event and it’ll be much more difficult to identify and explore the event pictures on Instagram.

Make sure the hashtag isn’t too long but is still identifiable as your brand and the event. Make sure the hashtag appears on any programmes that are being given out, on the entrance, on any presentations or lecterns being used, and any other appropriate locations where it’ll catch attention.

Aesthetics and lighting

Good lighting is crucial for photographs – the wrong lighting can dissuade people from taking pictures because they won’t turn out well. However, lighting is definitely something that can be played with to achieve eye-catching effects that people will want to document. With the specialised LED lighting systems available in a number of the rooms at The Brewery, these effects will be effortless to achieve yet draw the attention of your guests.

As well as lighting, the look of the venue is also key to creating photo opportunities. Depending on the type of the event and the company, there are many customisable decoration options available to make the venue look engaging for guests and Instagram-worthy. If catering is being provided, presentation is key, as people will be more likely to take photographs of food that makes a statement and looks amazing.


There’s nothing nicer than attending an event and finding your name on something, whether a favour, a named place setting, a programme, or a dedication on a wall of employees or people involved.

Having something personalised at an event makes the guest feel welcome and involved, and people often like taking photographs of their names combined with company branding. Also, not many companies tend to do this, so it’ll be a surprise that they’ll want to immortalise as an image.

Competition and interaction

Everyone knows that a prize is always a great incentive. So, what better to suggest than that the person who takes the best photo of the night, on the event hashtag, will win a prize?

Not only does this give people a reason to take photographs, and will result in many more photographs, it also implies that the photographs that are taken will be of good quality and appropriate to the event and company.

Make sure to also interact with the photos that people are posting by liking and commenting on them to show that you’re engaged with the social media of the event and appreciate their involvement.

If you’re looking to plan and hold a corporate event this year, why not consider The Brewery. With a number of different rooms, high class audio-visual features, and award-winning food, we can help you customise your event so that it’s perfectly Instagram worthy.

What giveaways should you be offering at your event?


There’s no denying that every guest attending a corporate event appreciates a little something to take away, and giveaways are a great opportunity to make a lasting impression on your attendees. But how can you guarantee that the gift will make it so far as the guest’s home or office, rather than ending up in the bin? Here’s our guide on how to hit the mark when giving away gifts sure to get your event and company remembered for all the right reasons.

Make it useful!

What better way to remind your guest of your amazing event than giving them something they can use every day? Everyday items such as umbrellas, tote bags and phone chargers aren’t just great and useful gifts to receive, but they also ensure great brand exposure. Whilst the traditional branded pen is undoubtedly a cost-effective option, consider higher quality items to give to your attendees. Guests that attend multiple events are likely to have a stash of branded pens on their desk from various functions, so why not think about how else your guest can use your gift in their everyday lives- and we don’t just mean in the office! Personal items such as sunglasses, mirrors and even kitchen utensils are essentials which can make great event giveaways.

Keep branding minimal

Today, people are more brand conscious than ever. Although it may be tempting to plaster your company’s logo across your gifts, this only increases the likelihood of it being neglected. Instead, opt for subtlety. Keep your giveaway tasteful with a small, discreet logo, and focus instead on the functionality of the gift to ensure that the appeal of your lovely giveaway isn’t compromised.

Keep it relevant

The main aim of your giveaway is for guests to think of your event when they use it, right? Just like a souvenir band tee from a concert, you want your attendees to think fondly of your event when they reach for it. Tailor your gifts to your business, the event, and most importantly, your guests! Whether it be a digital download at a tech conference, or a shopping bag at a fashion event, keeping the giveaway associated with the industry will guarantee your guests reach for it on a regular basis.

Be green

Eco-friendly gifts have certainly gained popularity in recent years. Using environmentally-friendly products as gifts at your event is not only a responsible and ethical option, but it also communicates to your guests that you are environmentally conscious, and a sustainable business. The range of eco- friendly gifts is extensive – from clothes, office supplies and bags, to seeds and trees. Although perceived as being a pricier option, eco-friendly gifts are often a similar price, and are a great reminder that your company is doing something good, even long after your event has come to an end.

Get digital

It’s a digital world, so why hand out a branded pen? Surprisingly, very few businesses utilise digital gifts and choose to go with more traditional giveaways at their events. If you’re a forward-thinking company and want to break the mould, there are a few digital offerings that you can give away to your guests. E-books are a great marketing tool that are sure to impress your attendees – why not include a link to any presentations that were shown at your event? As well as the more popular USB sticks, consider free digital downloads and codes for free trials and online services.

If you’re organising a corporate event, The Brewery is a unique venue situated in the heart of London. Whether you’re holding a conference for 1,000 people, or hosting a small event, our event managers are at hand to tailor every detail. Make an enquiry about our fantastic venue today!

The Brewery hosts Usain Bolt for PUMA’s Forever Fastest press conference

On the 1st August we welcomed the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, as he touched down in the capital and hosted PUMA’s Forever Fastest press conference.

The venues largest space, the Porter Tun room was brought to life as 400 of the world’s press gathered to see the legendary sprinter in person. The Brewery’s staff, who were specially dressed in PUMA clothing, welcomed guests with arrival drinks and canapés while the evening was broadcasted live on BBC, ITV and Sky.



Celebrating the incredible track & field career of Usain Bolt, the specially organised press conference showcased some of the key moments in his life that contributed to his legacy and commemorated his professional journey. Usain was also surprised by his parents who joined him onstage to present him with a special pair of Bolt Legacy Spikes as he prepares for his final race at the 2017 IAAF World Championships in London.




Juliet Freud, head of event planning at The Brewery commented, “Such a prestigious occasion demanded a space to match, and The Porter Tun room provided exactly that. The evening was full of interesting insights into the man behind the medals and we are wishing him every success in his final race at the World Championships in London.”




Usain Bolt will wear his Legacy Spikes on the track in the upcoming 2017 IAAF World Championships in London on 4 – 13 August 2017.

Decorating your wedding venue


One of the most important parts of your wedding day is the venue. This is the place where you’ll be spending the day celebrating your nuptials with friends and family and you want it to be perfect. If you’re struggling to come up with some ideas for how to give your venue that ‘wow-factor’, we can help. Here are five fantastic themes that can transform your venue into a stunning showpiece to complement your special day.

White wedding

If you’re looking for something timelessly traditional and understatedly classic, look no further than the traditional white wedding. However, a white wedding doesn’t have to be cliché – add your own personal touches by going all out with the decorations. Swathes of silk draped over the chairs and tables and gorgeous displays of stunning pastel flowers, especially roses, will help create that princess elegance that a white wedding should exude.

Table centres can range from candelabras filled elegant tapered candles, to vases overflowing with your chosen blooms. You can hang balloons, silks or lanterns from the ceiling to create a soft delicacy to the lighting and break up the formal lines of the venue room you choose.

With the historic refinement imbued into the venue rooms available at The Brewery, the white wedding you wish for couldn’t be more effortless to achieve; The Brewery’s rooms can fit your day like a glove.

Great Gatsby glamour

Maybe a vintage look is more up your street, so why not take inspiration from the epitome of 1920’s glamour: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby parties. It’s an explosion of decorations, food, alcohol, music, and over-the-top entertainment; a decadent affair.

Create this extravagance with a gold and black colour scheme and touches of art deco stylisation on napkins, place name cards, and welcome signs. Pearls and feathers are a must, embodying the spirit of the carefree flapper girl and adding the energy of the 20s to your wedding day.

Why not take advantage of The Brewery’s audio-visual system to project some suitably Gatsby backdrops onto the walls of your venue room to really create that fun Prohibition-era party atmosphere!

Rustic chic

Opulence isn’t for everyone: you may be looking for something a little more down to earth and simplistic. Bring nature inside to create an enchanted grove or woodland by adding branches entwined with fairy lights to table centres, add foliage to walls and walkways to really immerse yourself in nature.

Wooden decorations provide the perfect opportunity to add a personal touch with carving and laser cutting. On the day, use your wooden props to display flowers, or to provide flip flops for tired feet.

Keep the flowers simple and sweet by sticking to wildflowers and gypsophila to create a floating cloud of fragrance through the room. If you have a venue with exposed beams, like the Porter Tun room at The Brewery, string lanterns across from them to create floating baubles and bask in their glow as you enjoy your day.

Carnival fun

Your wedding day is a day for you to really push the boat out, and that could mean theming the reception venue like either a circus, carnival, cabaret, or a mix of all three! An event like this will be one to remember and represent the fun-loving personalities of you and your new husband or wife.

Instantly transform your venue into a circus tent by hanging swathes of coloured fabric from the ceiling in a circular pattern and create a selection of sideshow entertainment stands to bring the magic and childhood fun of the carnival to your big day.

Small touches like popcorn and candyfloss machines, as well as a carnival cut-out for fun, personal photos during the event, will make the venue feel as electric as visiting a travelling circus. If you’re feeling particularly extravagant, why not even have some performers join you during your day, such as clowns, contortionists or gymnasts.

After our Dream Circus, created for Christmas 2014, we at The Brewery have the experience needed to create a truly show stopping carnival of a day.


If you’d like to know more about the ways The Brewery can help you create the perfect venue for your wedding, visit our tailored wedding website The Proposal.

5 big trends in Corporate Events

When hosting a corporate event, you’ll want to set yours apart from the rest. There are many factors that result in a successful and memorable event – from presentations, to networking, and of course the food! With the increasing number of corporate events being held, tapping into the latest trends can really help to elevate your event and give it that extra flourish. Here are some of the hottest trends in the world of corporate events that are sure to take yours to the next level:

Event transformation

To provide a truly memorable event, businesses are beginning to immerse their guests into a complete ‘experience’. With the clever use of venue, décor and even technology, spaces can be completely transformed, making for an unforgettable experience. Certain to excite and engage your guests all day, and sure to get them guessing the theme of next year’s event before the day is even up, this effective event branding is a sure-fire boost for both employee spirit and guest morale.

Immersive technology

Unsurprisingly, technology is rapidly becoming a key trend when organising a corporate event. Mobile phones were once considered a distraction when it comes to events, but they can now be utilised by businesses to create an engaged guest experience. Although traditional conference practices may continue to prove popular, consider some of the more revolutionary concepts that can set your event apart. Updates can be shared via tailor-made event apps, social media and live video streaming, resulting in a completely collaborative and interactive experience.

Guest Interaction

In recent years, there’s been a shift towards unique activities at events to keep guests entertained and engaged, as well as making the attendees part of the event itself. These activities range from interactive classes and competitions, workshops and even exercise classes! Depending on the type of event and the industry, inventive types can get their creative juices going in mixology classes and art workshops, and socially-conscious attendees may like to participate in charity fundraisers and volunteering initiatives. Working some activities into your event is a great way of increasing motivation, promoting team building- and most importantly, having fun.

Exciting catering

There’s no denying that the demand for more exciting cuisine at corporate events is on the rise, and incorporating great food and drink into your event is a perfect opportunity to impress your guests. Not only does exciting food help to engage your attendees and get them talking, but it also plays a big part in keeping them alert and focused all day. Choose a venue that can adapt to your needs, and customise the menu to your event. No matter how impactful your presentations may be, your guests are sure to remember great food!

Unique venues

More and more companies are planning corporate events in fun and unique venues to not only guarantee a lasting impression, but also to encourage attendance. An unconventional venue doesn’t just help to create a real ‘buzz’ around your event, it will also increase the enthusiasm and excitement of your staff.

Originally developed to accommodate each stage of the brewing process, The Brewery is rich in character and full of personality, making it the perfect setting for a contemporary corporate event. A truly historic Grade II listed venue in the City of London, The Brewery offers everything from great halls to intimate chambers.

If you’re looking for a venue for your next corporate event, The Brewery has got the latest trends covered. From high-tech facilities to a vibrant and unique menu, The Brewery continues to host forward thinking events for leading brands. If you’re interested in hosting an event at The Brewery, make an enquiry today.