Five ways that a conference can boost your business

If you run a large organisation then gathering together employees for an off-site conference can be a complex activity to organise. From sorting out the arrangements for the event itself – to travel, accommodation and someone else to do the work while people are away – it’s a large undertaking. However, doing so has a great number of benefits. Here are just five of the ways in which a conference can boost your business:

It creates a tribe mentality

Bringing everyone together, particularly everyone who works for the same organisation, creates a unity and a feeling of pushing together towards a shared objective. Gathering employees for a conference which sets out the ways in which your business wants to grow and move forward is a great way to get people enthused. In addition, it’s also a great opportunity for people to meet others within their own organisation – creating friendships and alliances which can only help to boost your business going forward.




It empowers and enhances leadership

The leaders of your organisation can take centre stage at a conference, emphasising the role they hold in the business and making it clear that they are the ones to look to for future direction. Particularly for organisations where leaders are more separate from the main workforce, a conference is a great opportunity for people to put faces to names and to hear directly from their leaders. This, in turn, can really boost morale.

It can bring a sense of renewal

An annual conference is a great marker point for a business, a time to reflect upon what has happened in the previous 12 months and look forward to the year ahead. If times have been tough, a conference can provide something of a fresh start – empowering employees to go back to their daily lives and take forward the lessons they have learnt on the day.



It allows for effective internal communication

Particularly in large organisations, internal communications can be difficult and can frequently lead to mixed messaging to different groups. Gathering everyone together at a conference allows for a consistent message to be shared, directly.



You can reward your staff with a great day out

No matter how much someone might like their job, everyone likes a day away from the office. A conference is a great way of offering something a bit different for your workforce – a day away, but with the focus still upon the business and the future direction.

At The Brewery, we have a wonderful flexible location ideal for any size of conference. We are based in the City of London with great transport links, plenty of accommodation nearby and the wonderful Capital to explore. During your conference we can supply great food including breakfast snacks, a lunchtime buffet and afternoon treats – rewarding staff for the hard work they have been doing.

What’s more, organising a conference at The Brewery is really simple to do. We have a team of conference organisers who can assist you so that you can spend your time ensuring the content of your conference is as great as it can be. To find out more contact us today.

The benefits of holding a staff summer party

While most businesses now traditionally host an organisation-wide get-together at Christmas, holding a summer party is not something that every company does. However, it’s growing in popularity and when you consider the benefits it’s easy to see why.

Here at The Brewery, each year we host summer parties throughout June, July and August where we are joined by businesses or groups of individuals for a night where they can host clients, reward the hard work of their employees and enjoy some time away from the office together. This year our summer party is themed around a Tiki celebration with palm trees, grass skirts and hula dancing to transform our City of London venue into a Polynesian paradise.


If you’re not sure whether a summer party is right for your business here are just a few of the benefits:

It’s great for staff bonding

Everyone has a great story to tell from a Christmas party, but with these social events only coming around once a year the bonds and camaraderie that getting together outside of work can fuel peter out as the months roll on. And, let’s face it Christmas is still months away! Bringing your staff to one of our summer parties is great for team bonding.

It can boost staff retention

Nowadays, particularly for the millennial generation, workers are looking for great company benefits. Many businesses are pushing the boat out to provide something different and encourage employee loyalty. Providing an all-expenses paid party is a pat on the back for your employees, recognising the hard work they are doing and rewarding them for it. That recognition won’t be forgotten and long after the tropical shirts have been packed away we are sure the party will still be the talk of the business.

It boosts morale

Busy periods at work are great for the owners as it means more revenue coming in, but for workers the stress and pressure of getting everything done can lead to a drop in morale. In a similar way to the above benefit, holding a summer party for your employees thanks them for the work they are doing, showing them that it is being recognised and acknowledged.

It’s tax deductible!

OK, so while all of the above sounds great – the money to pay for the party has to come from somewhere. The great news is that some of the expenses are tax deductible. In addition, our pricing scheme for the summer parties is clear and unambiguous.

We charge a per person rate either for the main event itself or for the event and the after-party, and for that fee everything is included. This means that as soon as you know how many people will be attending, we’ll be able to tally up the final cost for you. There will be no surprises and no massive bar bills to pick up at the end.

You can promote it across social media

Showing your business out and about and having fun together is great PR for your company and our summer parties are set to be an Instagram picture dream. As you walk into the venue you’ll be greeted by a fun, tropical décor ideal for team photos which can be shared throughout the night. Having happy, smiling employees beaming out from your social pages speaks volumes about what a great employer you are.

So, if you’ve been persuaded by the benefits then get in touch with us today to find out more and book your organisation into our summer party.

Ten ways to make your wedding unique

It’s your wedding and your big day so naturally you want to make it unique to you and your partner. But with so many weddings taking place every day – you can be left feeling like you are just following the crowd and doing the same things as everyone else. So, how do you make it personal and unique?

Here are our top ten tips for making your wedding stand out from the rest:

Theme it!

There are so many different ways in which you can theme your wedding. From something simple like just choosing a matching colour scheme to a more all-out affair of an American or country-style theme, bringing everything together under one theme is becoming more and more popular. You can be as rigid or as flexible as you like with your theme – maybe not only making all the decorations match but tying in the food and the drink as well.

Make it personal

Have photos scattered around your wedding venue showing yourself and your partner throughout your relationship and with family and friends. This emphasises that the day is all about the two of you and the love you share together.

Host your wedding in an amazing location

At The Brewery we pride ourselves on being the ideal place for those looking to host a unique wedding. We have a wide variety of rooms, all of which come with that all-important wow factor to impress your guests. From small intimate spaces to huge areas fit for hundreds of people we have the right place for you. What’s more The Brewery has a wealth of interesting history and royal connections which can all be tied into your day.

Make your guests feel special

While having wedding favours on the table at the wedding breakfast is a long-held tradition, it’s just another area you can make unique. Rather than just the traditional mints, almonds or chocolates – consider something which speaks about who you are as a couple. Guests will also love something personalised to them – for example the drink you know they love or their favourite penny sweets. If you’ve also got guests staying over then consider a morning after bag in their room, full of treats to freshen them up following the party.

Make your own wedding rings

Did you know you and your partner can now create your own wedding rings? Places like the Wedding Ring Workshop here in London allow you to spend the day melting metal and shaping it to create something completely unique.

Have your own cocktail

Why not serve your very own cocktail – named as something which is special to you both – to serve at your wedding. Your guests will enjoy something delicious and you could even hand out the recipe so they can make your special wedding cocktail for years to come.

Modernise the guest book

A guest book where your family and friends can note down their hopes and dreams for you both is a really popular touch, but nowadays the ways in which your guests can leave their messages are becoming ever more unique. How about a video guest book where guests record messages for you – you could set this up by simply sending an iPad around the room and asking people to record their message in that way. Alternatively, how about asking people to sign something like a piece of wood which you could then install into your family dining table – making their good wishes prominent forever more.

Serve your favourite food

Making the day unique to you as a couple means including all the things you like – and that includes the food. Many people believe that a wedding breakfast should be an elegant, fancy affair. This is great if this is the type of food that you enjoy but if not, feel free to choose something different. If your favourite food is fish and chips or a steak dinner, why not go with that? Your guests will enjoy having something a bit different if they know it reflects you.

Choose a cake that suits you

While having a wedding cake is a great tradition to follow – again it doesn’t have to be a sponge cake if that’s not what you’re into. More and more people are choosing something a bit different – such as a cheese cake (made of wheels of cheese) or a pie cake (made up of three or four large savoury pies).

Do what you want

Ultimately, the best way to make your wedding unique is to make it suit your tastes. So, if you are not much of a dancer, then drop the first dance. If you are passionate about bingo then throw in a game before the speeches and if you don’t like sit down dinners, serve a buffet. Uniqueness comes from what you like and at The Brewery we’ll work with you to make it as unique as you dream. Contact us today to find out more.

The sun is shining… it’s time to think about Christmas!

With the hot weather finally starting to break through and thoughts turning to our summer holiday plans it probably seems rather strange for us to be using the ‘C’ word.

However, if you are planning to hold a large Christmas party, you need to be getting organised with what you intend to do right now. June is prime time for bookings to be taken for Christmas parties and here at The Brewery we are no different.

We’ve got one of the best parties in London planned for this year. Here’s a bit more about it and how you can get booked in…







Christmas 2017 at The Brewery

This Christmas we invite you to journey with us back to the 1920’s as we travel to Hollywood to pay homage to the iconic silent movies of the time. Stepping into the prohibition era you’ll be dressed to the nines for the world premiere of the newest feature from The Brewery Picture Co. ‘Journey to the Moon’. An award-worthy picture telling the story of Professor Moorgate and his adventures into space, we are delighted to say that the trailer for the film is now available to view.

Imagine a world of glitz and glamour and you’ll just touch upon what you’ll find at The Brewery in December. Our Christmas parties will offer a magical night that you and your guests will remember forever as you dine with the stars of the movie and the film’s director.





Making things easy for you

Organising a big Christmas party can be a daunting task, but our range of packages are designed to make things as simple as possible. If you are hosting between 50 – 1000 guests we have packages which offer you exclusive venue hire or if you have between 10 – 100 guests you can enjoy a fantastic shared party, allowing you to meet and mingle as much as you like.

Throughout the party, your guests will be supplied with unlimited amounts of beer, wine and soft drinks as well as a themed cocktail and sparkling wine reception on arrival.

Party-goers will sit down for a three-course dinner, and as the organiser of the event you’ll be invited to come along to our annual tasting event later this year where you will be able to try the menu, sample the wines and see the table layouts so that you be assured you’ll be hosting the best Christmas party possible.

The party also goes on late into the night with a DJ and live band setting the mood as you dance the night away.





Getting organised now

Our Christmas parties run throughout December but dates are starting to fill up now. If you would like to know more or wish to book your Christmas 2017 party here at The Brewery, then get in touch to find out more. Call us today on 020 7638 8811 or visit

Our event managers will be able to support you throughout the organisation of your event, so you can be assured of a hassle-free time this Christmas with your Christmas party at The Brewery.

Your wedding gift list must-haves


Hear the words ‘wedding gift list’ and you may immediately conjure up images of china plates, cutlery sets and toasters. However, as times are changing, so are the tastes of newlyweds as more couples are requesting more unique (and sometimes more elaborate) gifts.

After your wedding day, when the excitement subsides a little, you can be sure that the giddiness will return when you sit down to unwrap your wedding gifts. At The Brewery we believe that every couple is different, and that your wedding should be truly unique – so why not make sure your gift list is unique too?  Break tradition with a list of gifts you want, rather than what you need-without a toaster in sight!


If you’re jetting off on your honeymoon straight after your wedding, or simply love to travel, gifts that you can take along with you and use while you’re away are ideal. Increasingly, couples are asking for tech such as action cameras as wedding gifts, which are perfect for capturing every moment of your honeymoon – whether that be snorkelling, skiing or skydiving! Perhaps a little more on the extravagant side, drones are now cropping up on wedding gift lists, enabling you to capture truly breath-taking aerial footage while on your travels.


As it’s getting more commonplace for couples to live together before tying the knot, it’s likely that you’ll own most of your kitchen appliances already. Gone are the days when kettles and toasters were gift-list essentials, as more elaborate and unusual household items begin to take their place.

Wedding lists are an ideal opportunity to ask for those gifts that you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself – for example, outdoor pizza ovens are currently one of the most desired gifts for newlyweds, replacing the more traditional baking equipment like hand mixers in the cooking and dining category. While your pizza is cooking, why not pour some wine from your wine cooling cabinet- another must-have on the newlywed gift list!

Fitness enthusiasts

Although many couples are likely to own traditional kitchen appliances, smoothie makers and juicers have been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. Especially popular with those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle, juicers make for the perfect wedding gift to kick married life off to a healthy start.

Also becoming increasingly popular with active couples is the idea of a ‘home gym’, as gym and fitness equipment such as dumbbells and yoga mats are also being identified as new trends appearing on gift lists.

Tailor make your wedding

All weddings should be different, and at The Brewery we’re dedicated to making your wedding day as unique as you are. Based on your preferences and budget, we will create a bespoke wedding package just for you – personalising everything to your exact taste, from flowers to lighting, décor to DJ. When planning your wedding at The Brewery, our wedding planner and vastly experienced staff will guide you every step of the way and help to make your vision a reality – leaving you to spend more time to write that all important gift list!

If you are interested in a wedding at The Brewery, or would like some more information, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

A wedding fit for a Princess

As we write this, Pippa Middleton will be pulling together the final touches for her wedding to hedge fund manager fiancé James Matthews, which is reportedly set to take place this weekend.

While not strictly a princess herself, Pippa has an undeniable regal connection as sister of Catherine, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge and as such, there is an air of excitement and expectation around the nuptials that makes it a stand-out affair.

Royal affiliations can give any wedding a feeling of prestige, and at The Brewery, we think your big day should be no different. A wedding held in our stunning City of London venue isn’t just steeped in history; you could be following in the footsteps of some of the most esteemed guests ever to grace our halls.


Tie the knot in the presence of kings and queens

In its former life our venue was the Whitbread Brewery, which was at one point the largest and most celebrated brewery in the world. Such was its renown, Samuel Whitbread’s brewery was visited in 1787 by the monarchs of the time, King George III and Queen Charlotte, as well as an entourage of lords and ladies in waiting.

To honour this illustrious history, we’ve named two of our function rooms, both of which are available for weddings, after these royal visitors. As one of our largest wedding spaces, The King George III Room is grand and spacious, boasting a barrel vaulted ceiling, beautiful exposed brickwork and historical lanterns. Large enough to host a wedding for up to 300 guests from start to finish, this majestic space is rich in bygone charm yet full of innovative and tastefully-fitted modern features, including an integrated PA system and sound-sensitive LED lighting.

Just next door, The Queen Charlotte Room is decked out in similar stately style. The two rooms can be used together for larger weddings, or The Queen Charlotte is perfect for smaller ceremonies of up to 200 guests. With matching brickwork and a vaulted ceiling that can be light washed in any colour of your choice, this elegant room also comprises a hidden bar nestled behind a mirrored window.
Whatever kind of wedding you’re dreaming of, choosing either of these impressive spaces is sure to give your day a dash of royal sparkle.


Add a royal flourish with these wedding ideas

With such an eminent history behind your venue, it seems only right to bring a little majesty into your wedding day in other ways too.

Why not echo royal tradition in your choice of bridal bouquet? Since Queen Victoria’s daughter married her beau in 1858 bearing a floral arrangement containing sprigs of myrtle from her mother’s garden, royal brides have upheld the custom of an all-white bouquet including the pretty evergreen flower. The bouquet of our last royal bride, The Duchess of Cambridge, included myrtle cut from the very same plant that belonged to Queen Victoria, alongside lilies of the valley, hyacinths, ivy and sweet William (rather apt, we think).

And how about making an entrance to your wedding like a royal bride? Unlike many modern weddings which see the page boys, flower girls and bridesmaids enter the ceremony before the bride, royal brides lead a traditional bridal party down the aisle, with bridesmaids in tow.

If this has got you thinking about your own wedding day, take a look at our dedicated wedding website The Proposal to arrange a viewing and to find out more about how we can make you and your spouse to be feel like royalty.

Entertaining at The Brewery over the years

It’s not every venue that can claim to have a history as colourful as The Brewery’s. Our City of London home once housed the prestigious Whitbread brewery, an immense enterprise that produced a dark style of beer known as porter for over 200 years.

Established in 1750 by Samuel Whitbread in what was the derelict King’s Head brewery, our Chiswell Street building was the largest brewery in the world by the 1780s and the setting for the production of over 202,000 barrels of porter in 1796.









Such achievements attracted royal acclaim and in 1787 Whitbread’s brewery was visited by King George III, Queen Charlotte, their three daughters as well as several dukes and duchesses, lords and ladies. Whitbread understandably pulled out all the stops to impress his eminent guests and in doing so, created a legacy of entertaining that we continue to aspire to today. In fact, we’ve named two of our stunning event spaces after these regal guests – the King George III room and the Queen Charlotte room.
Here we look back at this and other notable soirees The Brewery has hosted over the years, as well as what our historic venue can offer for your next event.

The royal seal of approval

According to a newspaper report of King George III’s visit to Whitbread’s brewery from the time, the royal couple were given a guided tour of the building and its machinery from Samuel Whitbread himself.
As the report states, the King, Queen and their entourage were then treated to a sumptuous banquet at The Brewery.









“Their Majesties were led to a cold collation, as magnificent as affluence and arrangement could make it. The whole service was plate. There was every wine in the world. […] As there was no want of anything else, there was no want of appetite.” (Whitbread’s Brewery, University of Glasgow).
Whitbread’s brewery continued to wine and dine the great and the good throughout its history. As the MP Thomas Creevey said in 1823, “I really had a most agreeable dinner at Sam Whitbread’s brewery on Saturday. We sat down 22, I think.” (Whitbread’s Brewery, University of Glasgow).

Star-studded parties

Since those days of royal visits, The Brewery is still welcoming high profile guests to an array of exciting events. Famous faces spotted in our cobbled courtyard in recent years include Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Tom Hardy and Adele.









In 2013, we hosted the annual AIM awards (Association of Independent Music) with live music from Twin Atlantic and Daughter. More recently our versatile venue hosted the ICE gaming after party for Playtech Software Ltd in collaboration with events company Made Up. In contrast to the royal banquets of our 18th century history, this glittering event boasted custom lighting and laser production, set and video design and amazing aerial performances.

Cutting edge events in a historic setting

So what can The Brewery provide in the way of entertainment at your next event? Whether you want to recreate the opulence of a royal banquet, dazzle your party guests with special effects, create your dream wedding or deliver your best business conference yet, we can help make it happen.
With such a rich variety of event spaces available, each steeped in history and with their own unique charm, The Brewery is ideal for anything from a small meeting or gathering to the celebration of the year.

Our award-winning event design team excel at turning your vision into reality, complete with bespoke menus created by our talented chefs, sparkling audio-visual options, lightning-fast connectivity, imaginative set design and the best live entertainment contacts in the business.

Take a look at our services to discover more about how The Brewery can make your next event unforgettable or contact us today.

Treat your team to a Tahitian celebration this summer

This summer, the spirit of the popular Polynesian island of Tahiti will infuse the City of London as we host Aloha – our annual summer party event.

This year’s party nights which run from June to August, will see party-goers enter a wonderfully kitsch Polynesian paradise complete with tropical décor and traditional dancers. During the night a Polynesian BBQ will be served and music will play throughout.

To set the scene, we’ve been looking back at what makes a Tahitian celebration so special:


The Tahitians have a wonderful history of entertainment which began hundreds of years ago when travelling performers called ari’oi sailed on double-hulled canoes from island to island performing dance, pantomime shows and chants.

These performances were traditionally performed in honour of Oro, who is the Tahitian deity for peace, agriculture and fertility.

Shake those hips

During a Tahitian celebration the main dance performed is the ote’a, danced to an instrumental piece of music which beats with the rhythm of drums or a guitar or ukulele.

Tahitian dancing is characterised by the movement of the hips, which are accentuated by the wearing of a grass skirt. Your shoulders should be kept still throughout. Tahitian dancing can be confused for the popular Hula dance from Hawaii but while the ote’a focuses on the movement of the hips, the hula is all about telling a story with your arm and hand movements.

Traditionally the ote’a was a dance performed by male dancers, but now it’s performed by both men and women.

Other dances…

Other famous Tahitian dances which you can have a go at during our summer Aloha party include:

– the aparima – a dance during which you tell a story using hand gestures

– the hivinau – this is the easiest of the Tahitian dances and sees two groups of dancers, traditionally separated into men and women, stand in two concentric circles. The dance sees them turning round in two opposite directions and is designed to illustrate life and sea life scenes.

– The pa’o’a – ideal for the end of the evening when your feet are starting to hurt as it’s danced sat on the floor. To perform it you simply slap your thighs with energy.

Want to join in?

We guarantee that a Tahitian party is a one you don’t want to miss. You can bring parties of 80 to 800 guests for a night to remember at our fantastic venue.

You and your guests will receive a cocktail upon arrival, and can enjoy unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks for three hours until 9pm.

Prices per person starts at £85 (+VAT), or you can pay an extra £25 (+VAT) per guest to extend the free drinks package until half past midnight. For more information or to make a booking please use our enquiry form, or you can call direct on 020 7638 8811.

Six ways to survive a dull meeting

It’s an unfortunate fact of working life that some meetings are less riveting than others. We’ve all found ourselves feeling trapped in a tedious, seemingly endless meeting when we have a long list of tasks we need to get back to, which is especially frustrating when the discussion relevant to us has ended.

But rather than seeing a meeting simply as a boring obstacle to getting on with work, it helps to see the opportunities it can offer. Next time you find yourself in a meeting you’d rather not be in, resist the temptation to doodle or plan your next meal, instead draw on our tips for making meetings productive, not painful.

Know the agenda

You can’t gain anything from a meeting if you don’t know what it is about. Make sure you have a copy of the agenda in plenty of time ahead of the meeting, and if you’re the one responsible, that everyone else does to.

Familiarise yourself with the points for discussion and make note of any questions you need answering or decisions you want to be made. Having a set of objectives you want to achieve will help keep you focused.

The Brewery, Venue

Switch things up

Many meetings, particularly regularly weekly or monthly ones, follow the same order of proceedings every time, creating predictable lulls in which people find it all too easy to tune out.

Avoid this by suggesting a change to the order of talking points, for example, starting with the most interesting or contentious subject rather than with a review of the previous meeting’s minutes. This will hopefully get everyone involved in a lively discussion straight off the bat, instead of switching off.



Take a stand

Take our last suggestion one step further and try a standing meeting. This type of meeting is really only suitable for short periods of time but if you want to speed up proceedings, this can be a great tactic.

Or to really shake things up, propose everyone in the meeting moves one seat to their left every five minutes. Although this approach risks messy paperwork and spilt drinks, it’s sure to keep everyone awake!

Make a name for yourself

It’s not always possible to change the structure or direction of a meeting, but there are other ways to make a dull meeting work in your favour, even if the topics don’t involve you.

Meetings can be a great opportunity to interact with others in your company who you may not often see face to face, especially if yours is a large organisation. In this case, many of your colleagues may not really have any idea about you or what you do, and vice versa, so taking an active role in the meeting can be a way to do some potentially valuable cross-departmental networking.


Pick up body language cues

Another beneficial activity you can use in a meeting is to observe your colleagues for body language cues that can tell you more about what they’re thinking. For example, crossed arms can indicate that person is closed off to what’s being said, while a tilted head can suggest receptiveness to the discussion, as they are subconsciously exposing the vulnerable neck area.

Everyone has their own physical habits and quirks, but recognising these in your colleagues can help you read between the lines when debating best practice or looking for a solution to a problem. A better understanding of those you work with can only improve your professional relationships.

Find a fantastic meeting venue

Finally, it has to be said that holding your meeting in a beautiful, comfortable and well-equipped venue is one of the best ways to ensure the participants stay engaged. For important or lengthy meetings, team building sessions and conferences, getting out of the office and into a neutral space is a must.

When you hold your meeting at The Brewery you’ll be able to choose from six stunning meeting and conference rooms of various size and level of functionality. All of our meeting spaces come with high-speed Wi-Fi and a built-in DB audio PA system, as well as premium tableware and customisable electronic signage.

With the option to add delicious bespoke food and drink and audio-visual support through one dedicated point of contact, The Brewery can offer an historic central London meeting venue like no other.

If you’re planning an business meeting or conference, take a look at our conferences and meetings pages or talk to us today about how we can make it the best yet at The Brewery.

How technology can aid your event

The way in which a business holds events and conferences says much about its ethos and creativity, so when you’re planning an event, the last thing you want is to give the impression that innovation is at the bottom of your list. In this age of instant information and limitless connectivity, a company event showcases more than just what’s on the agenda; it can be an opportunity to establish your business as an authority in your field, demonstrate your business links and outline your strategy for the future.

With a business event booked at The Brewery, you can be sure of a venue with the wow factor, state of the art audio-visual support and high speed Wi-Fi, but what other technology could you use to ensure the best possible impression and the most memorable presentations?

Here we’ve gathered a list of the most cutting edge techniques your business can use to inform, engage with and entertain your guests at your next event or conference.

Live streaming

Events or conferences that have the potential to appeal to more people than can be hosted can reach a far wider audience through live streaming.

Presentations, Q&A sessions and more can be captured by a camera operator, encoded and played live through a secure online streaming partner, available for viewers anywhere to watch on any internet-connected device.


Social media interactivity

These days any company worth its salt posts updates from their own conferences and events, but have you thought about how interacting with your guests through social media can help you measure how well your event has been received?

Decide on a designated event hashtag and encourage attendees to use it in their posts, try creating a mobile survey or quiz to evaluate engagement during your event or set up a game or networking competition to get people involved. For example, challenge your guests to take pictures of themselves with certain people from the event or put up a prize for the first person who collects 50 business cards.

Event apps

Taking smart phone interaction one step further, a mobile app created specifically for your event or conference can really set it apart. After all, your guests don’t go anywhere without their phones, so your event app can act like an event guide in their pocket, with your agenda, room layouts, social media links, downloads, surveys and more at their fingertips.

What’s more, you can personalise the experience of your event for each attendee, with customisable options and preferences.


Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are making their way into more and more areas of everyday life, and business events and conferences are no exception. Nevertheless, VR headsets still cause a buzz and should guarantee a high level of interest and interaction. VR is a great way to demonstrate a product that’s too big to be displayed at your event, or can be used to give attendees a virtual tour of an off-site environment.

Touch screen technology

Breaking down the wall between a laptop and connected monitor or projector, touch screen technology allows a presenter to interact directly and instantly with the display the audience is looking at. Screens can be as simple as an interactive whiteboard allowing one or more users to write on a plain white surface with a finger or stylus, or as comprehensive as a colour HD monitor or full scale video wall.

This kind of technology does away with the need for flipcharts and enables presenters to annotate, alter and add to pre-designed conference materials right in the middle of your event.


And finally…

We love this idea. Guaranteed to maintain engagement through any Q&A session, we think a throwable microphone is an essential addition to any business event or conference. This fun and clever idea keeps up the momentum of audience participation without the need for the presenter to shout across the room, or for a designated microphone holder to run from person to person. It also ensures your audience pays attention, at risk of being caught in the crossfire!

If you’re planning an event or conference for your business, take a look at our Conferences and meetings pages or talk to us today about how we can make it the best yet at The Brewery.