Using pop culture to shape your event

popcorn machine at a Christmas party at The Brewery

Pop culture and current events can be a fantastic way to theme an event or find inspiration. Just look at the Met Gala earlier this month which, every year, features a new contemporary cultural theme.

Inspiration really can come from anywhere, such as an upcoming or a classic movie for a Halloween event, or music, fashion or an award ceremony, such as the Oscars. Choosing a theme that focuses on something from pop culture can help provide guidance for a colour scheme, themed props and event design, and even the activities within the event.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration to shape your event, pop culture may be the perfect place to start.

Creating some movie magic

Hollywood gives us endless event inspiration. If you’re looking to create a Christmas event, why not try shape it around a snow-filled, quirky backdrop from Whoville, featured in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, or go for a truly traditional look with a classic Christmas scene from films like It’s a Wonderful Life. Not only will the films give you some inspiration about the look of your event, but they can also influence your music choices too – why not use the soundtrack from the film as the first tracks on your playlist?

If you’re not looking for a holiday theme, you could go 1920’s gangsters with a film like Scarface or Bugsy Malone, embrace high fantasy with the magical world of Middle Earth, or go truly sci-fi with an event design pulled straight from Tatooine.

If your event is focused on the release of a new film, or will involve people from the film industry, shaping your event around the current trends in the cinema and the films involved is a great way to bring your event setting into your event purpose. Think of the blue ‘red carpet’ used at the premiere of Aquaman, or the red carpet that wove through London and filming locations for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows’ UK premiere.

Christmas party entertainment at The Brewery

Causing a song and dance

Music can be a powerful influence when creating an event. As we mentioned, the use of a soundtrack or theme tune can be a great way to remind people of a theme. Another option could be to use a band or DJ to add music to your event – the music could be tied into the event’s theme, such as hits from the year for a New Year’s Eve party, or a throwback to all the popular songs in the decade a company was founded for a conference event.

Pop culture with regards to music could also allow you to shape your event around a particular artist or band, meaning you could either relate the event back to a classic artist, such as Queen or Elton John, who have both been in the pop culture spotlight recently, or focus on a new artist that you’re looking to draw attention to.

Walk that catwalk

As the Met Gala shows, fashion can play a huge part in an event, whether it’s through the exhibition or the wearing of the clothing. Draw inspiration from colours, textures, styles and shapes, there’s so much to work with when it comes to shaping an event around the pop culture of clothing.

Whether you want to evoke a certain decade, colour or a certain type of clothing, there are many different things you can do. For a decade inspiration, why not ask your guests to come dressed in their favourite finery from the 1970s and decorate your venue to match? Or, for an industry event, why not ask everyone to come dressed in the same colour, the same colour as the business’s logo?

Red carpet arrival in the courtyard at The Brewery

And the award for the best event goes to…

Award shows are created to be stunning displays of finery and decadence, drawing the spotlight towards the cream of the crop in a certain industry. What better event design to emulate? Think of the Oscars, the Grammys, the Billboard Music Awards.

Shaping your event around the concept of an awards show can be a great way to create a celebratory atmosphere for your guests, especially if your event is also an awards show. You can choose to go all out with the event design with a red carpet, fancy dinner menus, and a black-tie dress code, or just take elements of an awards show to add to your event.

Awards dinner at The Brewery

Tying a venue together with a theme is what we love to do at The Brewery. Our specialist event designers will work with you every step of the way to make sure your event is shaped in exactly the way you wish, whatever pop culture themes you’d like to draw in. With audio-visual effects and a top team of international chefs, we’ll help you shape your event into a pop culture masterpiece. Simply contact us today to find out how we can help your event.