The work of a wedding planner

Planning a wedding- it can be the most fun time of your life, but it can also be the most stressful. With endless amounts of decisions to make, budgets to manage, and deadlines to meet, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when planning for your big day. There’s absolutely no denying that organising a wedding is a big job, especially if you’ve never done it before. So why not enlist the help of a professional?

Having a wedding planner can certainly ease some of this stress, meaning you enjoy the engagement period rather than getting bogged down by the seemingly endless tasks that come with planning your wedding. But what exactly does a wedding planner do?

Making sure you stick to your budget

Your budget is very important; determining how much money you’d like to spend on your wedding day in the early stages will undoubtedly affect every decision that you make along the way. A wedding planner will have a discussion with you about your budget at the very beginning of the process, which will pave the way for the rest of the planning. Remember, a wedding planner is likely to have a good understanding of every cost involved when planning a wedding, and will no doubt be able to tailor your dream wedding to the budget you have in mind.

Booking your vendors

The wedding industry is a crowded one, and when looking into potential photographers, florists and entertainment, it’s hard to know where to start. Not only is the sheer amount of options daunting, vendors often need to be booked at least a year in advance, so looming deadlines also need to be taken into consideration. A wedding planner will usually have access to a whole network of vendors, and will not only be aware of those that are familiar with the chosen venue, but will also know which are reliable, eliminating any potential disasters and last-minute cancellations!

Making your dream a reality

With a wealth of experience in what works and what doesn’t, wedding planners can help you create the dream wedding that you have always envisaged, whilst being realistic! Your wedding planner will be able to add a real creative flair to your day, thinking of all the finishing touches that you may not have even considered!

Coordinating the day

On your wedding day, the last thing you should be thinking about is whether the itinerary is going exactly to plan. As you relax and enjoy the best day of your life, your wedding planner will be at hand to ensure all the finely tuned details are organized with precision. From coordinating vendors to handling any unexpected issues on the day, your wedding planner is there to make sure that your day runs smoothly.

Here at The Brewery, our wedding planner will guide you through every step of the wedding planning process, from your first inquiry to any last-minute requests on the day. Working alongside our event managers and with our trusted and experienced vendors, everything will be taken care of, leaving you to enjoy the excitement of your engagement.
We believe that every wedding at The Brewery should be unique to each couple, so our wedding planning service will work hard to tailor a truly personalised wedding just for you- from chair covers, to entertainment, and even lighting.

If you are looking for a unique and truly special venue to hold your wedding, send us an enquiry today.