5 tips for giving wedding favours that your guests actually want


Not only do wedding favours give you the chance to thank your guests for joining you for your big day, they’re also great for getting creative and dressing your tables.  These days, couples are getting more inventive with their wedding favours, but how do you ensure your efforts aren’t wasted and the gifts aren’t left on the tables, or thrown in the bin the next day? Here are our tips on how to choose wedding favours your guests actually want.

1.      Resist the urge to personalise


A weeding tag with the name Paul written on it


Although it may be tempting, personalising your favours with your initials or the date of your wedding is likely to put your guests off keeping and using them after your big day. Although the sentiment is important to you, it may be less relevant to your guests, and a fridge magnet emblazoned with your names may not be at the top of their wish list! If you want to make your favours a little more personal, add your initials or wedding date to the packaging, such as on the ribbons, boxes and bags.

2.      Think practically


Wedding table


These days, with platforms such as the likes of Pinterest, there is no end of imaginative ideas out there when it comes to wedding favours. However wild and wonderful, there is simply no point in spending your money on favours that may look great, but won’t be used by your guests, or even be taken home. Before you press the ‘buy now’ button, sit back and consider whether this is something that you would like to receive yourself. Some of our favourite (and useful) wedding favours have included bottle openers, wine glasses and candles.

If you want to make sure your guests take the favours away with them, edible gifts are always popular. From pots of honey or jam, chocolate truffles, gourmet marshmallows, macarons or individually boxed donuts, edible treats rarely last until the end of the day!

3.      Stick to your theme


Wedding table


Coordinating everything at your wedding so that it looks beautiful can be time-consuming, so make sure that you don’t slip up when it comes to the favours. Stick to a similar colour palette and although they don’t have to match exactly, make sure they at least complement the scheme. Tailor your favours to your venue and give your guests something they may need and use on the day. Ornate fans would be a beautiful addition to a beach wedding, while blankets and hot chocolate kits will be appreciated in the colder months.

4.      Express yourself


Wedding flowers


Your wedding guests are attending your wedding because you mean something to them, so expressing your personalities through your favours is sure to go down well. Personal gifts show your guests that you’ve put some thought into the favours, and means they are more likely to take them hope and really appreciate them. There are so many options here- share local produce from your home town, give something associated with your favourite hobbies, or donate to a charity close to your heart on their behalf.

5.      It’s all in the timing


Woman holding a flask with a tag


Once you have chosen your favours, arrange for them to be given out at the best time. Traditionally, they’re given out end the end of the reception, but if you think that some guests are likely to have left by this point, give the favours out when you think most of them will be around.

Whatever wedding favours you choose, make sure they reflect you as a couple. Here at The Brewery, we think that all weddings are different, and should be completely unique. If you’re looking for a wedding venue that can be tailored just for you, our wedding planner is here to help organise the day from the very initial enquiry, right to the last dance.

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