Five ways that a conference can boost your business

If you run a large organisation then gathering together employees for an off-site conference can be a complex activity to organise. From sorting out the arrangements for the event itself – to travel, accommodation and someone else to do the work while people are away – it’s a large undertaking. However, doing so has a great number of benefits. Here are just five of the ways in which a conference can boost your business:

It creates a tribe mentality

Bringing everyone together, particularly everyone who works for the same organisation, creates a unity and a feeling of pushing together towards a shared objective. Gathering employees for a conference which sets out the ways in which your business wants to grow and move forward is a great way to get people enthused. In addition, it’s also a great opportunity for people to meet others within their own organisation – creating friendships and alliances which can only help to boost your business going forward.




It empowers and enhances leadership

The leaders of your organisation can take centre stage at a conference, emphasising the role they hold in the business and making it clear that they are the ones to look to for future direction. Particularly for organisations where leaders are more separate from the main workforce, a conference is a great opportunity for people to put faces to names and to hear directly from their leaders. This, in turn, can really boost morale.

It can bring a sense of renewal

An annual conference is a great marker point for a business, a time to reflect upon what has happened in the previous 12 months and look forward to the year ahead. If times have been tough, a conference can provide something of a fresh start – empowering employees to go back to their daily lives and take forward the lessons they have learnt on the day.



It allows for effective internal communication

Particularly in large organisations, internal communications can be difficult and can frequently lead to mixed messaging to different groups. Gathering everyone together at a conference allows for a consistent message to be shared, directly.



You can reward your staff with a great day out

No matter how much someone might like their job, everyone likes a day away from the office. A conference is a great way of offering something a bit different for your workforce – a day away, but with the focus still upon the business and the future direction.

At The Brewery, we have a wonderful flexible location ideal for any size of conference. We are based in the City of London with great transport links, plenty of accommodation nearby and the wonderful Capital to explore. During your conference we can supply great food including breakfast snacks, a lunchtime buffet and afternoon treats – rewarding staff for the hard work they have been doing.

What’s more, organising a conference at The Brewery is really simple to do. We have a team of conference organisers who can assist you so that you can spend your time ensuring the content of your conference is as great as it can be. To find out more contact us today.