How to plan a socially conscious event

In our modern-day society, many people no longer settle for events that simply look and feel good. They want events that not only provide an experience for those attending but also give back to the community or are planned in a socially conscious way to minimise their impact on society and the environment.

Just Giving Awards Ceremony in The Porter Tun at The Brewery

Social consciousness, or social awareness, is the term used to describe when people are aware of problems, issues or injustices within a society or a community – this can be any community, from your local one to a whole country, or even the world globally.

Read on to find out some of the ways you can plan your own socially conscious event, whether that’s a wedding, conference, awards ceremony, or more.

Align your event with a National Day

There are so many fantastic charity-focused national days during the calendar year, from Red Nose Day to Giving Tuesday, that makes it  easy to align your event with one of them to create a socially conscious focus for your day. With a day like Giving Tuesday, there’s no specified charity, so you can raise money for whatever cause is closest to your heart.

The Brewery doorman in fancy dress for an event

National days don’t even have to be explicitly connected to a charity to provide a socially conscious springboard for your event – why not align your event with National Garden Week in June and raise money to help people convert to ecologically friendly gardening practices in your community? Or possibly Small Business Week in May to teach small businesses how they can become more socially conscious.

Employee/attendee service projects

If you’re running a booth at an event, such as at a conference, you’ll want something to help you stand out. If that head-turning feature can be something that draws attention to a problem or issue that could be supported, even better!

For example, why not set up an exercise bike at your stand and have attendees pedal  to generate energy and draw attention to a charity like Practical Action, who supplies sustainable energy to rural communities.

Alternatively, you could share news of projects that your employees have already taken part in, such as rebuilding a building  after a natural disaster, like a hurricane or flood, or providing aid, knowledge, or technology to a community that needs it, e.g. providing computers for a school computer lab or giving soft toys to hospitalised children.

Focus on a specific charity

Fundraising for a particular charity at your event is an achievable goal with some planning. . If you are running a conference or other business event, such as an exhibition or awards dinner, inviting people to donate to your chosen charity in the speeches and offering donation buckets around the event are easy way to encourage generosity and ask people to dig deep.

Charity dinner event in The Porter Tun at The Brewery

If you’d like your wedding or personal event to fundraise for a particular charity, why not forego a gift registry or presents and instead ask that your guests donate to your chosen cause.  

Theme your event

Theming your event around a location or community that you’d like to draw attention to, such as Puerto Rico if you’re fundraising for hurricane relief or Brazil if you’re campaigning for more Fairtrade awareness in the coffee industry is another option to explore.

With our specialist team of event designers at The Brewery, we’ll be able to create the jaw-dropping design of your occasion to fit whatever you’d like. With audio-visual technology, amazing food created by our award-winning chefs, and much more at our fingertips, we will create the perfect setting for your socially conscious event.

Use socially conscious providers

If you aren’t using your event to draw attention to a certain cause or organisation, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be socially conscious in the way you organise your day. Whether a wedding or a business event, there are aspects of your day that you can tailor to be socially conscious, such as the food, flowers and choice of other providers.

With regards to the food, choosing Fairtrade suppliers and locally sourced products can be a great way of keeping those air miles down, finding good quality food, and giving back to the local communities that produce them. We’ve written more about local and sustainable food sourcing in our vegan-friendly event blog; check it out to find out more.

For flowers, ensure you choose blooms that are in season, since these will both be less expensive and less damaging socially and environmentally since your florist won’t need to fly in out-of-season flowers.

Working with companies who also give back to the community can be a great way of planning your event in a socially conscious way, since it means you can provide those companies with the funding that they need to continue their work within their communities.

Here at The Brewery we pride ourselves on our robust polices put in place to make the venue as sustainable as we can. This is a process that is constantly evolving as we look for new methods to improve and reduce our environmental footprint. If you want to see what we do, you can read our sustainable development policy here.

Book your event today

If you’re looking for a venue where you can hold your socially conscious event, we’d love to offer up The Brewery. With six event spaces and all the support you could need, from staffing and catering to event design and audio-visual technical support, we can help you create the perfect event to champion your cause.